Returning player looking for a new community

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Hey everyone, Iā€™m wanting to come back to Boundless after about a year off. Unfortunately, my community on Trior evaporated while I was gone, and my guilds have largely dissolved. Obviously my beacons all expired, so I have no means to build an epic looking place in the community immediately - but would like to be a part of something again. So, where are people hanging out these days? :slight_smile:



We have a sovereign and slowly growing a guild, always looking for new players to join our guild and build on the guild sovereign with us. We also have a couple farming planets.
Your more than welcome to come check us out and if you want to join our guild and build with us your more than welcome to. We also have a discord server and well.

Come check us out Twisted Dragon - go to TNT Mega Hub and to the sovereign portals and look for the Twisted Dragon Portal!


Grandeur is looking for more people to join the ranks we are located on Sochaltin I. You can get to us through the TNT Sochaltin I portal on the bottom floor.

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If you to join let me or @SClayton know you signed the guild book and one of us will approve you and we can get you plotting permissions on the sovereign and find you a spot in the city we are working on.

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on mud fields mostly :wink:

jokes aside, welcome back and enjoy :sunglasses: always good to see returning players :smiley:


Awesome, I will scope out those spots today and be in touch! Thanks.

Haha thank you! Excited to check out the new updates :+1:


Circa and Biitula are now ultra crowded. Finata just died horribly (Brown Town might revive it). Hope you have a good time getting back into the game!