Returning Player | Where to live

I haven’t played since about summer this year after they completely ripped the games color and vibrance away, but I decided to return because of the Christmas additions and I intend to stay for a while.

Instead of being spoon-fed anything I’d just like to know which world would be the best to settle on for someone in the US East area. Essentially the most developed or populated world. I’ve noticed that Finata has a significantly higher prestige than all the other planets I’ve encountered so far and I’m naturally drawn to it despite having 140 ping.

Thank you in advance!

build a tempory place a tent camp
on easy world
then level a while and explore
the world is so big now
you regret not having looked before settling down :wink:

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You can check our city if you want a new start :slight_smile:

We are Us West server. So i guess the ping issue will not be too lag.

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We have 3 of us on sorrosi plus a 4th who just started. It’s bramble land or diangon alley on the ps bitula hub not forcing anything just check it out and decide for yourself

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Keep in mind if you are US East you may have hours every evening where you can’t connect to Europe at all. Particularly Comcast and a few others.

Do yourself a favor and pick a US East or US West planet.


Thraxxia is a USE city on Tana VII, it may be worth a look to see if you like it.

Ultima US East Hub, Tana VII, Thraxxia

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Come check out Mt. illumiNaughty, Trior’s Capital. (US East). We are recruiting for our guild and already have a really great group. Most of us play on PS4, but we do have a pc player.

We have portals galore and great infrastructure. If you like what you see let me know!

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Starlight Guardians is based on Sorissi, if you want to check us out we have a portal to the PS hub on the planet (working on more but some of us are offline for Christmas). Beckon is fairly settled as well. I think Raxxa is a US East planet too, but I’m not sure how settled it is.

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Don’t pick Seginiaki. That place is dying a slow, painful death.

Definitely pick a US server. I am on the US West coast. I have 1gb up/down fiber internet and I can’t connect to Europe servers about half the time.

The Portal Seekers city on Gravidias Te is my personal favorite city right now. I’d go there if I was you.


Gloviatosa i a perfect place to life.