✝ RIP in Regenerationi


We just experienced the regeneration. Two of our actively playing guild members got their houses regenerated over night and claimed by someone else. They didn’t notice their beacon is about to expire…

Just want to say that the beacon system should be improved to prevent this. It’s a shame they lost everything as this system is made to prevent inactive people from blocking the land. I think there should be some automatic system that refuels beacons to 2 weeks if somebody logs in.


If you want auto fueling beacons then join the gleam club. Im sorry your friends lost their stuff but its on the players to keep their beacons fuelled. In an ideal world we would receive an automatic email when our fuel is low but iv no idea if something like that would be feasible with a large population.


I’m saying this systems should not punish active players. There is a difference between loosing a plot for being inactive and loosing because of bad ux design


Are we not getting the notice in game when we log on that we have a beacon about to expire? We did in the Old universe. If not this might be a bug

edit: it started telling us a week in advance so as long as we logged on once a week, we would know.


Firstly, I totally agree that is unfortunate, but I really like that fact that there are conciquences for bad management. I think that without consiquences and the all too “controversial” grind, this game would be super easy. And we all know that games start to die when they cater too much to newer players or make it too easy.

So in summary, really sad that they lost there stuff. But at least now they’re keep an extra eye on their beacons! :wink:


You can see in your beacon overview how much fuel you have left in your beacons, and if one of your beacons has very little fuel left you will see a warning when you enter the game in the Sanctum.

People should pay more attention instead of hoping others will send them emails or messages.

Working as intended. Move along people, nothing to see here!

Oh, and bring back bomb mining!


The Devs could have the Beacons emit a sound, or start flashing, when 24 hours time left in fuel.

Or even giving a PM message every 30 minutes to the owner when 24 hours left, and a Shout message every hour for everyone to hear when 12 hours are left.

There are LOTS of ways to let people know “Oh hey, this plot is about to expire, DO SOMETHING!”

Instead they expect people to remember. But Gleam Members never have to remember and get used to that, ‘will be punishing when they stop being gleam members’, and the basic fuel is a long 4 weeks. Unless they checking it every single morning when they wake up, 4 weeks, 28 days, is a very long time. Most people I bet put in 4 weeks, then rarely ever check on it again. And suddenly, it runs out of fuel, cause their too busy with other projects and don’t check it.

The Devs could put in alarms, heck they can even email people 24 hours before hand ‘Beacon named “x” is going to expire within 24 hours. Maybe you should refuel it?’ and so on.

There are lots of options to force or help people to remember.

Ps. My way to fix this, is to change fueling times. Instead of it being 4, 8, and 12 weeks per fuel.

Make the fuel give 1 hour, 12 hours, and 24 hours max each. Make the people really start watching the clock more often.


I have Gleam Club and Karo said my beacon only showed 4 days left on it, but on my screen it showed over “25 weeks” left!

There must be a bug with beacons and gleam club it seems, this needs to be checked by devs.


The UI definitely needs a better warning system than what is currently implemented.

I would really prefer it to be like EVE’s system where you got messages hourly if you had proper roles to manage the beacon, until you fueled it. This will prevent active players from over looking small things like this.

edit: and gleam club auto fueling definitely seems quirky. I have gleam club and its said my beacons have expired before when they were autofueled and ive had to go quickly make a fuel pod for them. It definitely doesnt seem to be something reproduceable yet. Ive tested it a few times. This is the first time Ive seen someone post about it so now know it’s not just me experiencing this.


Yeah, remember to pay your plot rent. Not hard to do.

I do like the 24hour fuel though. But make it so you can pre-fill it for (at most) 2 weeks.


That would mean i can’t go on vacation… This 4 week fuel imho is very important if you want to take a longer break.


I on the other hand find all those flashing messages every time I log in annoying a bit. I won’t advocate for their removal, but if you don’t see them when you log in… You must be blind :frowning:


Well, the beacon changes its appearance 24 hours before it expires (no, really, look at the smoke and flames of an expiring beacon). It says how much time it has left at all times if you’re responsible enough to check. You get a big ugly text warning and discordant sound when you log in as the owning character when expiry is looming. You get all these things, and it won’t be enough for some people, especially those who ignored all the warnings and then are like “waily waily waily I ignored all the warnings and lost my stuff waily waily you should give me even more warnings to ignore waily.”

See, the problem is that you can make anything idiot-proof, but there’s always a bigger idiot.


True, but the difference is that the ‘timer’ is so long that people forget right now, and there isn’t a warning system other than a visual effect, which people might not even know what it means, ot the beacon is hidden and not visual.

The second bit is easy to be problem, but it’s the first part, the time limit being so long, that’s the biggest catch. Because even if you remembered, “I fueled it on the first of July” if you go to fuel it on the 31st at the end of the month, you’ve already messed up by 30 days.

Let me ask you. If you had to go hit a button every 28 days. Could you hit it every 28 days without forgetting? Especially when your busy mining, running a shop, crafting, working with a guild to build a guild hall, building up a city, checking on portal timers, checking footfall, making money and using that money, and so many other stuff?

There is a lot to do, and a lot to check and remember, and just hanging out with friends and having fun. Then you go to sleep and wake up to your home and everything you owned suddenly being gone and claimed by someone else. All cause you didn’t hit that button every 28 days.

Taking the ‘Issue’ irl, if you’re suddenly told by the Doc you should have a pill every month for vitimans, How many times do you forget and take it after the date you were meant to?

People aren’t machines, they don’t have perfect memory of every event, every time, and doing everything perfectly. That is why alarm systems are used, to help people that forget.


Dude/dudess, you get warning every time you log in, or change to that toon, if there is less than 7 days fuel. If you don’t it’s a bug so please report it. If you don’t play game… Then yes, you just have to remember. Write yourself a memo, a reminder in calendar, or I don’t know…


Disagree 100% with you on this.

It is up to the individual to remember their medications or whatever they need. If you forget, then it isnt as important to you. I take medicine and I never forget – ever. I have it out on my nightstand and I have a reminder on my phone every day.

No reason why you cant put a phone reminder or setup your own email reminders.

Asking the devs for this and that over something that takes so little effort on the player’s part is a waste of dev resources.

Edit to add: Before I was gleam club I had a calendar date on my phone for when my beacon was gonna expire. Works wonderful. Thanks google.


If you can afford to go on vacation for 2+ weeks then you can afford the 6 bucks for one month of gleam club or whatever it is. Or start over when you get back.


Or just make better fuel. Last longer, and stack with basic one.


And if it’s a Teen or child, someone without access to a creditcard or money themselves, and their parents bought the game for them, but won’t spend money on anything else for the game?

And what if they don’t have access to those materials? And I don’t remember anyone ever selling the greater fuels, especially not at a price worth it.


Then they can take a single sheet of paper, and put it next to their computer, that says, “Must refuel before this day”.