✝ RIP in Regenerationi


But it’s your choice what to do, and yoy choose excuses. :man_shrugging:


Come on.

Its easy to get the materials for the 8 week beacon fuel.

If people don’t pay attention, then they will lose their builds and others will take it. Now they learned their lesson. No need to dumb the game down.


I know someone mentioned it already but I’m going to say it again. Someone who is active will have seen the Warning Low Beacon every time they logged on to a character that had saved the beacons or owned them so… if they weren’t active for over a week they weren’t too active or didn’t think ahead to put in better beacon fuel because even if it isn’t super readily available, there are also people selling it really cheap. At least fuel the most important ones with it


Yes indeed, my first beacon wad about to expire yesterday and it warns you on login and puts an “!” next to the beacon tab on the menu to remind you.


If we want to bring real world examples into it then think about paying rent. You have to do it ever month and it’s on you to remember. If you don’t pay then there are consequences. It’s not anyone’s responsibility but your own to keep up with it.

Bottom line players need to be responsible about keeping up with their beacon timer. There are already warnings in place to help. If you are concerned you may forget then place your beacon next to a machine you use all the time so it is easy to see. Drop off some stone in the refinery and then mouse over your beacon before you leave. Make it a habit and you won’t forget.


I disagree. If the game did not give you warning and instructions I would agree.

Boundless has done their side of responsibility. Giant RED icons, and warnings are given. The only thing left is for Boundless to call your house and ask for you and tell you that your beacons are about to expire, please sign in.

Learn from this. Your beacon if you wish to have one is to pay attention to the tutorial and all the instructions and notifications it gives you. Remembering how many days or weeks of fuel you put in it is on you. A car manufacturer is not responsible to monitor your gas tank for you. At least boundless gives you WARNINGS every time you sign in.


Also this mechanic is desperately needed to weed out all the players who sign in once and never play again, littering the universe with thousands of unused plots. It’s the most perfect game mechanic to shake lose the unneeded lag of stuff the servers have to work with.


I just found Oort staves in abundance last night - can make a bunch of 8 week beacon fuels. Selling for 400c in my shop on Alder (Portal Seekers Biitula hub - ‘Mega Mall’ sign) or message me directly and we can work something out :slight_smile:


I agree with you, and actually do it. Accountability is key. And if you don’t want to be, there is the gleam club. It only takes 36 beans and a handful of other materials to make 25 8week fuels. It should be feasible to most people over lvl 15. I also keep a year’s worth of feul at every beacon to make sure that I’m never in a huge hurry to fuel a beacon and can’t find any.

Edit: and if you can’t make it or can’t mass craft, message me and bring me the raw ingredients and I will gladly make you some. 1 compact peat should be enough spark for it.

Edit2: I don’t mean you specifically, Gill, you are probably way more advanced than I am. I mean for anyone that is in need of it.


Sorry @Karokendo. If your friends were truly “active” then their beacons wouldn’t have run out. I’m super sorry for their loss but I don’t really want the devs spending time coding some kind of convoluted feature around determining whether a beacon should truly run out or not based on play hours or last login or some combination of metrics. I’m sorry they lost everything but let’s keep it simple: if your beacon runs out, your place is fair game. If you’re worried about forgetting, join Gleam Club. It’s dirt cheap and directly supports the game.


What is someone hops in within the last 20 minutes before regeneration and just can’t refuel his beacon in time and there are 20 people waiting to plunger his plot?

When designing things you always have to consider the worst case and current system doesn’t meet the requirements.


Regeneration is not strictly correlated to fuel running out. Nevertheless is someone waits for last minute it’s his fault if he won’t make it. If you go to the bus stop at the exact minute the bus is supposed to be there, instead of few earlier, is it bus fault if you dont make it, and it just driving away as you arrive there? You have to be early, or you simply gamble with forces you can’t controller.

Beside why would 20 plp be waiting? How would they know it’s about to expire in 20 mins?


The problem here is game design should be friendly towards players if game is meant to be succesful. You can play a hardcore game with mechanics nobody will understand and failure will be only your fault. But you will leave such game because of weird and unfair mechanics. Technically in boundless it’s also player’s fault when he doesn’t refuel his beacon in time, but is it fair? Considering example above what players do in this situation is leave the game. And everybody wants a player to continue playing.

I don’t know why 20 people would be waiting. I just know 20 people would give a single struggling player no chances to defend. It’s just how you design things. Like when you code boundless server side you have to cover all different cases. 80max players on the world, people cheating, trying to find exploits. And If you don’t cover just one case but cover 99.999% and somebody hacks a server and destroys half of it your game will be called ■■■■ and heaven for hackers ¯\ (ツ)/¯. The same situation with 20 players, it’s the worst case scenario and it should be covered.


Yes. Why wouldn’t it be fair? Do you have any arguments for it not being fair? There are simple rules. When you fuel beacon you get X time before it runs out of fuel. And after that time anyone can claim this land, and it will start to slowly regenerate if no one does. How would you change that? To make it as friendly as possible, when you log in, and there is only week worth of left, you get reminder. Not one reminder, but every time you log in this character. How would you make it more friendly, and yet not annoying?

So to sum it:

  1. Why do you think it’s not fair the way it is now?
  2. What would you change?
  3. If the reminders we get are not enough what would you add?

Serious questions, maybe devs will read it and at least give it some thought if they think your concerns are valid. I simply cant see anything wrong with the way it is now.


The world is full of rage quitters. Yes it’s fair they read the rules, and decided to play, and if they didn’t pay attention to something they lost something, and if they rage quit, it’s still all on them. Also why are they not here complaining about and you are? The dev’s did their part man. This is a losing argument and a mechanic that’s been here since the start. Also nothing regens the moment a beacon goes out.

Also if they were your neighbor you could have got to know them, and thrown a beacon out to preserve until you see them again. If not, it’s open game.

I bet you are watching your plots better now.

  1. It’s fair. You just feel so bad when your beacon regenerated, despite you playing on a daily basis and didn’t paying attention to the ui.
  2. Prevent beacon running out of fuel if player is actively playing the game. Like it can’t go below 1 week if you’re active.
  3. as above

My serious concern is what happens when 6 months of gleam club runs out? “Your beacon is always fueled as long as you have the gleam club”. So when it ends you instantly lose your beacon protection.


no. when its close to running out fill it again. just like gas in your car. you don’t wait unbtil its empty to put gas in it.


Just for argument’s sake (and because I happened to snag some sweet real estate last night), where was the claim? If it is the spot I snagged, I’ll gladly surrender it.


Nope, you are getting one week of fuel. Then if you won’t refuel it, it goes out.

How you define “active”? Is it really quantifiable? I, for example, think it is not, and if it’s not (because of people finding workarounds), then it should not have place in game.

And if your friends were active, din’t they see the messages about running out of fuel when they logged in?

If they did, why didn’t they do something about it, it’s just 10 foliage craftable in a 5 trunk (10 timber) object you can craft by hand. Fuel and trunks can be cut with totem easily even on T3 planet, and totem does not cost you anything.

If they didn’t see it, was it because there was no message, or they were seeing it, but simply dismissing in mind, not paying attention?

You say they were active players, but you propose instead of current “active” mechanics, a “passive” one. That does not click with me.


If you were playing everyday, grinding 50 refined diamonds everyday, spending a lot of time in game. If you had spent 1000$ on this game. If you were ignoring ui notifications about your soon to expire beacon. If you got your beacon regenerated in such situation and claimed by someone else.

How would you feel knowing you put so much effort into it and you can’t get your stuff back?

  1. Would you accept it with honor?

  2. From design perspective you’re just an idiot who ignored the notifications. But these players were not idiots and still, they got punished for something not really meaningful.

Sorry, I quit the discussion as literally nobody agrees with me.
But I think it’s not fair to lose all your progress to something that stupid. Fair from design perspective, not from player perspective.

@james do you think it’s okay to wipe somebody’s plot just because he didn’t pay enough attention while still being actively playing? Maybe there should be a soft margin of error to prevent such things from happening?