✝ RIP in Regenerationi


This? Why would I? I don’t ignore, they are unique enough for me not to ignore.

I would be furious. I would be furious on myself, not on anyone else. Because it was me who ignored the warnings.

You propose solution to wrong problem. You acknowledge they were ignoring UI messages about expiring beacon. If i walk on red and get hit by car, I will be angry, I will be mad, but I will be mad at myself, not at the world. I did and do thousand stupid things. Not long ago I burn my hand because I was careless when I took hot dish from my oven. I was mad. But I didn’t try to petition oven maker to make the hot stuff inside somehow not burning, or to engrave everywhere on the outside that oven is hot when heated. I am a grown man, I can accept my fault as my own.

I know it’s a game for players of age 7+, but if everyone will be treated like 7 years old kids in every aspect, then really big part of playerbase won’t, probably, be interested in this game at all.


There are clear messages and warnings in various ways without the need of Gleam Club. They make the timer very prevalent each time you look at your beacon. People just need to take responsibility and manage their beacons. Many have lost stuff and learned from their mistakes.


Professional victim-hood has invaded gaming.


100% yes.

Pay attention or get got.


I agree with you. You are either paying attention or you are not. That is a personal issue, not a game issue.


Normally I would agree with you Gill. The problem I have, is the time.

If something triggers every minute, you get used to it. Every hour, you get used to it. Every day, you get used to it. Even every week, like raiding on mondays, you get used to it.

But every month? No, not even a month, it’s 4 weeks, which isn’t 30, or 31 days, it’s 7 days 4 times, every 28 days. So you can’t even do “I powered it on the first this month, so can check on the first next month” unless it’s Feburary.

People can easily track things, when they can get a ‘rythme’ to it. “Always paid on the first” “It happens every Monday” “Midnight every night” and so on. “Every 28 Days” Is a very odd thing, something people aren’t going to constantly remember, even with little warnings in game.

Which is why I suggested things to get their attention way ahead of time, namely 24 hours ahead of time.

Whiles yes, people should always check and remember to check, not everyone is the same, and not everyone has that good of a memory. Not everyone has paper, sticky notes, or a google account. Not everyone can remember the date they added fuel, let alone comparing it to today’s date and figuring out how many days left.

Even the excuse they can check when collecting footfall doesn’t work, cause they are actively getting footfall, and not looking at the fuel time, so can subconsiously block out that information.

I’m not telling you to hold their hands, and make it auto refuel for everyone. Just saying "Hey, maybe add in some more reminders so there isn’t a possibility for them to miss the deadline unless they weren’t playing the game for at all for 2 days in a row on the day before and when it expires.

Or is that too easy, and instead we should go with my original suggestion, of taking Auto Renew off Gleam members, and making the 3 fuels only give 1 hour, 12 hour, and 24 hours max and you can’t stack fuel types, only override them. So I hope you don’t miss a day or fall asleep if you can’t afford the highest tier fuel.

For a community that’s suspose to be supportive and cooperative, while promoting helping each other, you are all pretty quick to say “Welp, he messed up, sucks to be him and we won’t be helping his forgetful butt.”

Makes the community seem very hypocritical.


I agree, not everyone can read the reminder on screen, with bold exclamation mark, every time they log in. They may be blind, they may be illiterate.

If you are not sure, because not everyone can read the tone of message (or read at all for that matter…): YES, I am being sarcastic. Because you just can’t face the facts. Someone didn’t bother to read a very clear reminder that game gave them every one they logged in.

I really have the feeling those friends were literally just small kids, that either couldn’t read or comprehend the message. It’s sad, I agree, but it’s parents/custodians fault that they let kids play video games, without even being sure what they do they exactly play and what are the basic rules of the game.


They should just send out email reminders when fuel gets low. Problem solved.


I think the system is fine as is, it was a sad occurrence, and surely the fault lies in with the affected, but it doesn’t take away the grieve and the bad situation they’re currently experiencing.

In my mind, the current way it advises you and the beacon fuel works it’s fine, but it can surely be improved, I’ll share a list of ideas I have for the system:

1. E-mail or Steam prompts The game would tell you with certain frequency when a beacon is about to expire, it’s not something I consider necessary but it’s an added plus, as mentioned by some people, having a reminder on your computer, phone works wonders, so not much need for this.

2. Reward player activity Just as the daily and weekly quests, that reward you for playing, we could add on top of it with an extra week of fuel for achieving weekly activities. Those who’re active enough to gain the reward, will see one week added to all their beacons (we are reusing the achievement & the gleam club functionalities, so I can’t see much work being involved). Take the following considerations though: You can’t surpass the maximum time permitted by the last fuel type you used on said beacon, say you used the lowest type of fuel on a beacon and it was running on 3 weeks and 3 days, it won’t go to 4 weeks and 3 days, but it will jump just to 4 weeks (which was the maximum that fuel type allowed). It will still achieve the idea that active players have their builds remain, and inactive players, have their claims return to the world.

3. Transfer the items The machines/things in storage boxes and the sort would be transferred to a box, that the player would have access to. It means that their claim would still return to the world, but they won’t lose everything they had on there. How much or how little remains, I think we could have specific storages that save loot inside them and all machines. Blocks and the sort would be there for other players to loot or the world to absorb.


My credit card payments are due on the 7th and 10th of every month.

My electric bill is due on the 12th.

Car payment is the 26th.

Rent is the 30th/31st.

At most, I would say, the game might have a special warning system for players who don’t self-identify as “adult”… In that case, the warning is sent to your parent or guardian or whoever in your household is competent enough to pay their bills on time.


It’s not bad UI design, it’s bad players not being bothered to check their fuel level at log in. To let the beacon fuel get so low as to expire, and not be part of the gleam club, that fault lies with you friends. Don’t go blaming other players, or the Devs for their lack of attention. This game isn’t Minecraft, so don’t go treating it like it is.


When you log on every time when a beacon has less then 7 days a bright red text pops up saying it’s low. And any time you open your menu places blinks red and shows in red that the beacon is expiring and needs to be fueled. Hell, even the beacon let’s you know it’s low by the flame turning to smoke.


Lol, you didn’t read my post very well did you. I even explain in detail why that doesn’t work, and why you would fail and lose your items and land lol Read it again.


You want to sit here and blame the devs over something that your friends were clearly at fault for, so yes no one agrees with you because there are clear cut ways to see when your beacons are expiring. 1 use the beacon, just walking up to it shows clearly how much time is left before expiration, warping to other worlds and back, when choosing a beacon it also shows time left. So don’t go faulting devs over an issue that your friends were clearly too lazy to pay any attention to.


I was told about the flame turning to smoke, but I pointed out that what if the Beacon is hidden away to make the place look nice?

But the “a bright red text pops up saying it’s low. And any time you open your menu places blinks red and shows in red that the beacon is expiring and needs to be fueled.” I didn’t know about. Cause I’m a Gleam member, and I keep my fuel above 2 weeks x days left.


Yea, I have a bunch of my girlfriend’s beacons under my beacon menu. It doesn’t account for gleam club so when they naturally get under a week it blares like mad at me that a beacon is dying, then the beacon hits 0 and gains 38 weeks XD


trollolol you don’t read subtext very well, do you? My entire post was a veiled insult to people who can’t keep track of monthly obligations lol Read it carefully next tiem roflmao


And yet it doesn’t fit in. If the Beacons really did just needed to be refueled every month, say on the 1st of every month or something. Then that joke would work.

But it doesn’t work that way, the joke doesn’t fit. It comes off more like you didn’t read my post, instead of a joke.




Why is this even an on going issue? Simple fixes. Fix1, pay more attention to your beacon, if you look at your beacon every day before running around doing whatever you like, you will know right away if it needs fuel or not.
Fix 2, Don’t wait til the absolute last second to refuel your beacon(s).
Fix 3, Not wanting to waste time worrying about your fuel level, simple fix is buy a gleam club membership, always full til the GCM expires, have no real money to waste on a GCM, craft better fuel, better the fuel, longer the time.