✝ RIP in Regenerationi


I’m sorry. If we ever meet again, I’ll be sure to read your posts more carefully next time.


My condolences to those who lost their stuff. Have you tried to reach out to the players who claimed the stuff? Perhaps this isn’t as malicious as it seems as I would immediately claim the property only to prevent regeneration. Its the systems fault there aren’t notes to leave behind or ways to communicate with offline players.

I do want to point out that this instance is actually very improbable for a truly active player to experience. No one has had a build on this server longer than 6 weeks and there is a basic tutorial level quest requesting you make the next stage of fuel which would provide 8 weeks at the minimum meaning no one who was playing seriously and actively wouldn’t find themselves in this situation.

I do not agree with an email system or any kind of excessive reminder for beacon expiration; the system is fine as is and believe this creates a more dedicated player base. On a side note if there is anything I can do to help: a few tools, compressed coal and building materials to get them started have them message me in the forums.

Edit: Btw, I would add the simple fuel every two-three days. I never even stepped up my fuel game until release. You don’t need to wait until expiration and making fuel is beyond simple.


It couldn’t hurt to get a warning when you log in if you’re 24 hours or less to expire


currently you get a giant red warning in your face if it’s less than 7 days to expire…


Maybe you should try a poll instead.


I just look at the beacons tab once in a while which shows them all listed and remaining time and generally top them all up at the same time. It does require a bit of planet hopping to reach them all but it’s only something I have to do every few weeks. I never let them go below 1 week especially as the basic fuel is so cheap, quick and easy to make. It’s just simple housekeeping.

  • he spend 1000$ on this game, and did not took the gleam club?
  • he can grind 50 refined diamonds everyday and cant manage to get some trunk and leafes for a 4 week fuel?
  • he ignores a big red warning, and was told in the tutorial several times what happens when fuel expired, and was still not refueling?

yes its fair to lose all the stuff if someone is that stupid to invest 1000$ and not have gleam club, ignoring big red messsages and prefers to not invest 1 minute of time for beacon fuel but instead grinding 50 refined diamonds.

  1. maybe i would be mad, but rather about myself, specially when i see that all others that are active playing are able to manage this

  2. if they ignore warnings and compain after that, than im sorry to tell you: they are idiots.

stupidity needs to be punished, next time they know better.


This does raise one issue im not sure off, how does the game handle the trade off between Gleam Club membership expiring and returning to regular fuel? @james or @Steggs101 does it pick up from whatever fuel was in it before joining the gleam club or do you need to top up with fresh fuel?


We should define “active” as putting some kind of fuel in your beacon. We could give a quantity of “put 1 basic fuel in the home beacon this week” as being active on at least a weekly basis. We could even offer a reward of extending your beacon expiry by another few weeks if you’re that active.

Problem solved.


Could you please do me and everyone else a favor and be respectful in your posts. There is a way to say everything you want to say and mean to say without calling anyone stupid or an idiot. I acknowledge the blame is all theirs but there is no reason to brow beat the person with their own failures. Could you please keep your comments on the constructive side and not degrading side please and thank you? :slight_smile:\

Point is if you don’t actively play and are only going to pop in every 4-12 weeks to update your beacon then you aren’t dedicated enough or even actively participating player in our community. I am personally the kind of person that if I quit and got a notification I would keep my beacon going for YEARS without even playing merely cos I didn’t want to lose my work.

Having 1-4 months long fuels I think covers this without the need to keep adding fuel before expiry. I like your idea for simplifying the situation and preventing these issues but I feel that with an active community you need to be responsible and fueling your beacon regularly proves that you are. Most people unable to put money into the game will not haitus for 4 months without a real important reason. Most other people who have lives that pull us away from games have 20 dollars we can get gleam club with.


im absolutely with you, but the person introduced the term “idiot” by himself. i just responded with his/hers own words.
maybe it was a bit to far, i dont wanted to offend someone.


Would an email alert solve this?


I’m all against it. Let’s keep playing in game, and not outside. Email notifications from game…



You wouldn’t need’to sign up for it, so it wouldn’t affect you.


If I don’t have to sign up for it, then I presume it would be automatic, then yes, it does affect me. Beside…, if you need email notifications, because you are not logging in to see in-game one… then it’s safe to assume you don’t really care about playing, and the loss is not really a loss. I mean you, or I would be sad because I lost something. But it’s the same kind of feeling when somebody throws away the junk you keep in the basement, and you didn’t even remember you had, until someone told you it got thrown away. You feel sad because of the sheer fact that something was lost, and not because it had any value to you.

If you can’t play because of some emergency, broken computer or whatnot, I doubt email notification can change anything. On the other hand if you are planing not to play for a longer time, then you can plan to put a reminder in phone or wherever suits you best.

It’s my opinion. Having email notifications from in-game is not a Quality of Life addition, it’s basically babysitting. At least that’s how I feel it.


It’s really not.

A lotta people frequently brush off notfiications in-game. Boundless gives a ton, like, “Did you know axes are great at destroying trees?” The game conditions ya to ignore them.

There’s zero reason to deprive people from havin’ email notifications. It doesn’t affect you. You could opt out of it. In the OP’s case, his friends might have jus’ been to busy playin’ the game and close all those pesky notifications, but had they gotten an email that day that said, “BEACON ALMOST EXPIRED” in subject line, they woulda immediately realized they needed to do somethin’ about it.

Most people haven’t ever played a game where you gotta refuel beacons to keep your stuff.

People have email on their phone also.

We all respond to notifications differently, and for some, they manage their schedules with emails.

This is one’of those things were it hurts nobody to implement. Maybe it is babysitting, but even if it is, it doesn’t affect you much at all.


We do not need more notifications. The game tells you, many times, when your stuff is about to expire.

If you dont realize it, it is on you. It really is that simple. Or join Gleam Club, even more simple.


Disagree, it takes the Dev’s time away from more important things, other than helping people not be accountable for their own stuff. So yeah, it does effect me and everyone else who wants to see Boundless even more better.


That argument be thrown around anywhere at any time with any single decision the dev makes to add or change content in the game that you or anyone might disagree with.

If it helps people, and it isn’t too difficult to implement, there’s no reason it shouldn’t be considered. To suggest it means people aren’t bein’ accountable is also false. Jus’ because you remember with the in-game reminders doesn’t mean other people do.

The game barely has many players right now for an MMO and lost 100 steam players this week, if the OP’s two friends quit, that’s a big deal for the game. If it had 10k+ players, then maybe not.


I think bomb mining with resources left hanging was helping more people than this would, and would be easier to implement :wink: