✝ RIP in Regenerationi


Sorry but Dev time is important. And it matters.


You only say that because you wouldn’t benefit from email reminders. Some of your suggestions other people might think would be a waste of dev time.

it goes both ways.

This game needs all the players it can get, and I doubt the OP and his two friends are feelin’ like playin’ that much anymore given the reception they got.


There are much better things the devs can focus on than sending emails of messages that you get when you log into the game anyway.

So I guess we agree to disagree.


After reading through this, I still have the same opinion I did when I started playing back in beta. Either fuel it or lose it. But I do have one SERIOUS question can someone post a screen shot of the bright red warning text when you have less then 7 days. I have never personally let my beacon get below a week and right now I still have 5ish weeks left. So it’d be quite a while before I could see this for myself.


If someone is going to ignore a red warning sign about beacon expiry when they log in why would they pay attention to an email when not logged in … plus even if they did pay attention to it they could be at work etc and then think oh yeah I need to remember to do that when I get home later but instead when they log in they just ignore the warning just like before. I doubt if receiving emails would make that much difference.


Thought the same.
And this warning is not at last day, it appears like 5 days before running out, if i remember right before my gleam club membership.

But i‘m sorry for the guys who lost their things, i think it‘s the fear of us all to be hindered by something in RL for some days and meanwhile the beacon runs out.


If something is not in red, font size 48, bold and stay on screen center for 20 seconds, it will be ignored from time to time with obvious consequences.
Even the one above can be ignored.

Maybe someone would have to make a poll with a scale from more subtle to such obnoxious alert and ask to select those we are able to live with :stuck_out_tongue:

Otherwise this topic will be beating around all the time using the same arguments :slight_smile:


I agree in general, since all important messages are either to small or too short visible.


Here is what I do.

When I log in I check all my beacons everyday.

When they get to 2 weeks I refuel all of them at the same time. This way I know they will all have the same time left. Except for the ones I power with quitter fuel.

Email would be a great backup system, but I doubt they want to undermine 1 of the two keys forms of monetization at the moment.


Same happend to me. I kept in my mind date 7.11 is my last day before fuel runs out. Well i yesterday logged in and half of my settlement was gone. 2/3 beacons runs out of the fuel. You can say it’s my bad, but well. If something like this happend where is the returning point for me? I’ve lost around good 50 hours of work (gathering resources, crafting, spark, all of that chiselling, building). It hurts a bit too much.

It would be nice to have option until you have still those expired beacons in your beacon list to just build beacon on the same spot as before and fuel it and then set that beacon to regenerate everything to state before it expired. Ofcourse with requirement of having enough plots and all those affected plots must be empty (wild). It must be on the same spot as before so nobody can make blueprints this way and easily move somewhere else.

I doubt it will happen but then you have at least any chance to get your buildings back. Anyway as it is now i’ve said to myself. Ok, no more building nice stuff for world regen, i’ll just hunt down levels because they don’t expire. Probably i have to keep in mind that everytime i am going back to real life i have to mine all machinery and take storage to my alts because what if i will have no time to come back and refuel my beacons? I am not friend of a subscription because it gives me nothing for my money so i rather will buy some plots to build more than keep money flow for nothing.

Overall it’s just my experience and my point of view. Still i feel like game gives me a slap for not playing every day (i wasn’t playing around 11 days).


Hey man sorry your stuff regened, but im amazed at how many people wait until the last couple days to refuel. i always have used basic beacon fuel, because 4 weeks is a LOT of time. I always refuel at least a week before expiring too because the basic fuel costs…a few leaves.

Nevermind the fact you can fuel one for like 3 months with a single fuel, which is 1/4 of a year! I mean there really is no excuse to have lost anything to an expired beacon.


Sorry. If you are not checking your beacons, that’s on you. Take 5 minutes every 3 weeks.


You know what would solve this?

Checking your beacons.

And while your at it people, check the batteries in your smoke detectors and oil in your car.


I’m also interested in this. What happens when Gleam Club runs out and the initial 4 weeks of fuel are also gone. Go all your beacons wild immediately or do you get some form of fuel grace period?


This is actually an extremely serious thing a lot of people dont do!


I have been getting notices on a couple of beacons. I have seen them pop up on my screen, seen them when I check locations of something, seen them often. And I have lousy eyesight, have to have size 14 font to read. So, the font in the game is small, I get a magnifying glass to read it.

My opinion. Grow up and accept responsibility, you were sent warnings, notifications. You weren’t out of town, in the hospital, having a family crisis that could distract you, but active and knew that your beacons needed fuel. You just wanted someone to take care of it for you, or are so used to someone doing things for you that you forgot and learned the hard way to be responsible.
That is the problem with kids today, and I’m putting 20 year old’s as kids when they act like ten year old’s and expect someone to take care of them.
I have to take medication, I forget, but that is on me, not the doctor, pharmacist, my husband or son. Me. My Responsibility.

Quit making excuses for them, or being a troll in arguing that the devs should hold their hand. If they are 7 years old, mommy and daddy should be checking for them, and it is both their and their parents fault. Even somewhat up to age 12, both. Over age 12, it is time they learned to be responsible. This is a good way.

Deal with it, accept it that you screwed up and you paid the price. Now wipe your nose, quit crying and get back to playing or be a whiny baby and stop playing. Your choice.


No one agreed with you because if they are active players they ignored a big red box warning them everytime they logged it.

That’s their fault. They messed up. They were warned many many times. They chose to ignore the warning and not fuel their beacon.


I think beacon fuel is perfect for what it’s intended use is for, it’s just user error from what I can tell if someone losses their plots when not wanting to.

Plenty of things in real life require you to keep track of things on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly scenario.

Bills, Rent, taxes, PTO requests, clocking in and out for work, feeding pets, taking a shower, etc. This is just about accountability and awareness by the user, shoot you can even put in new fuel at any point of its fuel life to top off.

I dont think this should change.


i wanna see progress on this discussion until the time when my beacons run out of fuel. IN THIRTEEN WEEKS!!!


This reminds me I have to refuel. Lol… And my friends due to red dead redemption(shaking fist at the air)