✝ RIP in Regenerationi


ffs, you’re all ignoring one simple fact. It happened, despite us playing. Call these people idiots, ok. But not everyone has time for playing and sometimes they can just forget, or don’t refuel for whatever reason. Maybe they log in and leave pc for 20 minutes then start playing and they don’t see a warning. whatever reason.

Start a new thread please, don’t revive this one


You know, it would e awesome if the fire on the beacon slowly dies to represent how much fuel you have left.


Dude, you need to calm down. He made a suggestion to help fix a concern he had about the game.


Straight up mobile game out here yo


Yes it happened. And the reason it happened was because they messed up, not because of any flaw in the game.

You shouldn’t ever let your beacons get below two weeks.


Maybe they should add a tutorial quest that explains how beacon fuel works and makes you fuel a beacon?


When one decides to take the responsibility to own a beacon. It is 100% on them to fuel it. Boundless is nice enough to provide BIG RED ! that is it running low. It will do this for days on end.

if anyone has made this clear already, cool. I didn’t want to read 106 post.

RIP to all those who gave me plots who didn’t care to watch their beacons even once in 4weeks.


People in this thread don’t seem to understand that this is a casual game.


What part of the tutorial didn’t have you add fuel to a beacon like 4 times?




I cant believe this entire thread and discussion is even happening. Have we fallen so far as a society that even things that are our faults are suddenly not?/facepalm