Roadmap: Poles and Beams!


The lovestruck event i dont like that we have to trade with people to get the rewards i am a player who keeps to myself mostly


Ark’n’Art’s fliers in every mailbox!!! :yum:


Yes. They’re meshes.

Non-meshes are: voxels, chiselled voxels, fluids, grass, and foliage.

Meshes are: storage, machines, furnaces, doors, beacon and guild controls, door and advanced locks, torches, shopstands, request baskets, letterboxes, tables and chairs, poles and beams.

If you need to save meshes, then replacing torches with gleam is a good idea.


How many meshes in a chunk

  1. I’ve never hit the limit but I figured I’d ask for those that do.


Yea probably not an issue for me


So can we deliver coin and items to mailboxes


Didnt think of that, I really hope so…


Man everything to keep my build delayed a little longer lolol.
Really excited to see how the poles and beams could be worked into my plans…


Street lights I can’t wait to make them normal it’s the little things that keep me going


I :heart: the mailbox feature soooo much! I get lost on worlds for hours exploring & gathering stuff and I come across the most amazing builds that have no portals or anything. It will be awesome to let them know I saw their build & I thought it was amazing.

Also…people in the mall…be prepared!..maiiiil


they leaked before somewhere in forum that we need to irrigate stuff with lava :thinking:


Wasnt that a joke?


@james Will there be a limit to the amount of items/messages that a mailbox can hold? Will items/messages expire?


I love all of this.

Two things off of my “most wanted” list.


i think the fluids part is not a joke
the irrigation part maybe
fluid placement is also not confirmed the just said they looking into it


Fluids: We’re looking to include fluid placement in the coming farming update. Everyone needs some lava irrigation!

message ends with “such a tease”
we need to analyse this people

Definition of exclamation point

1 : a mark ! used especially after an interjection or exclamation to indicate forceful utterance or strong feeling

2 : a distinctive indication of major significance, interest


Just that they are the only 2 unavoidable things in this world!


I really hope that farming is possible underground. I have plans for a cave farm. maybe use gleam as a growlight.


Some would argue.


i hope its gonna be mushrooms
do not know why but i love the look off the mushrooms in this game