Roadmap: Poles and Beams!



Mail boxes will be good.

I can’t see some ‘find the mail box’ type game possibilities. As long as the messages are time stamped.

Public and private messages would be good as well.

Dunno why I replied to post, meant to just be a thread reply :thinking:


loveing the roadmap :slight_smile:

tho i would say the Lovestruck Event seems a little silly we dont need a “event” for all the holidays we can skip the more minor ones “easter, valentines day” and focus on the more bigger ones


Like the roadmap. I think poles alrdy exist so cannot see the point to get hyped with that.
Farming for me is the only thing i look forward to and prolly thats going to be another few months away -.- .
Would also be interested to get some detailed info @james how farming will work.
This would be rly good time to get people say some ideas and point out hits or misses.

I for one would like to know how you actually farm stuff… you place it on silty soil like anyother seed etc?.

We need some info.


They’re for messages only. At the moment they expire after Earth 30 days.


OH NO, JUNK MAIL! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I love Ren & Stimpy


Please consider allowing items to be sent too. Maybe for an extra postage fee.

Thanks for the update, looks good!


Hmmmm, i wonder what comes after farming? The long awaited pants perhaps?


Well that makes sense. Maybe something similar to Terraria, where certain farmable flowers would only blossom in certain conditions (one was if it was within 1 block of lava, one was when it was sunny out, one was only during a blood moon, etc.) That could be kind of cool.


I hope not. I HATE PANTS!


Yes please


Servers stop. Cash out


I am interested in the farming method that can be included in a game like this. Crops, or animals that dispense good such as eggs. Or breeding to create a special meat/byproduct. I could do without more items to hit the mesh limit lol


Depends on a person’s perception of what Easter stands for. For some, just a day of kids hunting easter eggs. For others, it is a religious holiday that is Extremely important.


thats true Easter was a bad example :slight_smile:


I think it is less to do with the importance of the holiday and more about if can lead to interesting gameplay. I could see mailboxes and the Valentine event dropping at the same time.


And those poles and beams look fantastic.



It’s also an incredibly good example of just ‘why’ Boundless should stay away from existing public and religious holidays entirely and just make up their own. People can get upset if their important-but-minor-to-everybody-else event isn’t included.

Can anybody complain if Boundless invents the ‘Mushroom Harvest’ event with mushroom themed props and activities and extra mushroom drops, or the ‘Week of the Hammer’ where the Oorts align and hammer damage is increased globally, while various activities have the opportunity to drop fragments for craftable cosmetic parachute pants?

PS: I’m sure someone could… there’s always ‘someone’ hanging around in forums.


I am very upset that you are suggesting we have a mushroom harvest and not a starberry harvest. Lets just ignore the poor starberry in favor of a fungus… . a fungus like athletes foot mind you!!

ok now someone made a dumb argument as to why we cannot even have any kind of events without complaints. . kidding by the way. But your point on why they might want to avoid religious holidays is valid.