Roadmap: Poles and Beams!


Boundless Roadmap:

Here is an update to our active development roadmap.

Boundless updates:

We’re following a development process where we alternate between updating Testing and Live every other week. Then Tick-Tock between minor and major feature updates to Live. The aim is to deliver a constant stream of quality, optimisations and features. Every week there should be something new to explore on Testing or play with on Live.

We often have many different sized features progressing in parallel. In these roadmap updates we want to make sure you’re aware of the most significant features. So we’re planning to keep it updated as items are released. We recently launched the new Guilds and New Blocks so it’s time to refresh the coming items on the roadmap.

What’s in development?

Feature development can often take more time that you might expect so we have a few things going on in parallel. These items are in development NOW, so you should expect them to appear in the coming updates.

  • Poles and Beams: Stop your build from collapsing, decorate your home, or keep the wildstock from wandering into your land by building with a new set of poles and beams. Just like the doors they come in 4 materials: wood, stone, metal and gleam, and 3 different styles: plain, stylish, and ornate. :classical_building:

  • Lovestruck Event: Romance is in the air throughout the Known Worlds with the Lovestruck event. Try and spread the love by trading with everyone you meet. Craft unique love themed items using special traded rewards and find new romantic themed cosmetic items in the Exchange! :heart_eyes:

  • Letterbox: Want to request a new portal location, order a special forged item, or praise a magnificent build? Then leave the beacon owner a message via their Letterbox. “You’ve got mail!” :mailbox_with_mail:

  • Hunter: She’s still coming. Prowling up on you. The Hunter’s AI is in development and she’ll be unlike any of the other creatures already in the game. Tap-tap-tap. Tap-tap-tap. Did I just hear a warp open? She got a little delayed as she helped out with the Guild release!¿? It turns out that, whilst terrifying to sit next to, she’s a surprising good coder.


Keep an eye out for announcement posts of features going to Testing. These features are already in development and coming soon.

What’s coming next?

There is a long list of features that are all jostling for attention. Our next major feature will be a Boundless version of Farming. Don’t expect carrots and cabbages. We’re exploring ideas that bend farming into something that complements the Boundless universe and unlocks new sandbox options.

Our aim is to expand Boundless with new content and new systems for the full spectrum of Boundless players. We’re just as desperate as everyone else in the community to make progress with adventurous and experimental universal persistent sandbox features.

Of course, this is very much another step of our plans for Boundless. We’ve got plenty of features planned for the future, and your feedback will be invaluable as we continue active development of the game. We love talking with our players on the forums and social channels, so don’t be shy about championing the features you want to see in the future of Boundless.


The game feels dead
New Planets or Farming


You just made a better day for me.
Love it. :slight_smile:


So excited for these next updates!!! Great work Devs!!!


Looking forward to it! :heart:


Can’t wait!!

Will the poles/beams count towards the mesh limit?



Hunter will not be on tier 1 - 3 worlds I assume?

Will there be trees we can grow & harvest among the many other farming items you are developing?


She do taxes too? :thinking:


taxes and death


I’m really curious to know what the farming is all about. If it’s not traditional farming, then what is it?


Really looking forward to seeing the hunter in game! Also interested to see how exactly the Lovestruck event will work. Good stuff!


Poles, Beams & Letterboxes? Awesome. Really looking forward to being able to let folk know that I love their builds. Can’t wait.


Love the sound these! Can’t wait :smiley:


Pretty sure those go hand in hand anyway. :rofl:


you mean taxman is death him/herself?:scream_cat:


Hope not that would be rough


Finally we get poles I’m excited for that.
Hope after farming we can get craftable armor.


Just thinking… Since we’re getting poles. Any chance we could also get ‘Dance’ Emotes soon? :partying_face:

(I’m both joking and serious at the same time)


Dance emotes plz yaaaas


You Got Mail!
Besides loving that movie, I love the idea that we can leave messages for others. Lots of times you pass a beautiful build and can’t tell the player how great a job they did. Or need to tell someone something and they are a different time zone than you are.
Fences Yeah! ! ! Goats can get on my porch and they can be irritating as they sit near the door or windows and baaa all the time. As for your dangerous female, I hope she isn’t on level 1-3 planets, or even on level 4. It should be on the higher tier planets for those who are bored with what they are used to fighting/killing.
If you want to add some danger to the level two and three planets, a boar with small tusks that can hurt and if you don’t get out of their way they can kill you. Won’t attack unless provoked and when we kill them; we can make Bacon! They could have fur we can later make items with.

Keep up the great work, really enjoying this game.