Roadmap: Poles and Beams!


CANT wait!!
You guys & gals at Boundless/Wonderstruck are awesome. Kudos & Thank you on a game well done🤗


More interior design items please!!! :smiley:


:heart: Terraria …unicorns, zombies, demon wings, celestial events, fishing… much :heart:


Crossing fingers that we can plant and grow trees with the farming update and place water and lava.


Ewww, yecch. I’ll be the grumpy old coot hiding behind the poles and beams. I hope there’s no kissy stuff, the grunts are bad enough.

Holy cluck, yes yes yes!!!


Sounds good, and I would like to +1 on adding an item slot to a letter. Nothing says good job like a free pie


Thanks @james this is awesome


oh, nice, that would be fun that we could send a message of welcome to new players.


Thanks for the new road map. I was just wondering a day or two ago if we’d see a lovestruck type event so yay there.

For everyone out there worried about the use of religious holidays, please note that most holidays (the older ones for sure) have some religious connection. BUT when you create completely unique ones inside a video game people will complain far more (looking at you animal crossing:wild world). It is good marketing to utilize holidays which already exist with recognizable themes. By all means change what it’s called and you loose 90% of the religious connection, and events tend to run longer than a day so it’s more of a short seasonal event than a strick holiday. It’s also fun to make versions of existing holiday things to put into your video game.

Don’t get me wrong, I think they can, should, and likely will include some unique to boundless holidays, like founders week (first week anniversary of live launch), Fun in the sun (some type of water themed event in the Northern hemosphere’s summer (sorry AUS I’m sure you guys are used to it by now)), and maybe something along the lines of exploration day (extra xp from Discovery of regions, maybe universal run/grapple increase).


I think the Letterbox is going to really help me out when I open up a shop for the first time since release.

It’ll allow customers to leave messages regarding things going on in the shop and if people leave nasty messages, I’ll just screenshot it and report it to the devs.

Mailboxes have been something us early backers have wanted for a couple years now and honestly it’s about damn time we got it.

I seriously hope there isn’t some sort of stupid limit on how many messages can be placed in the Letterbox. If it’s something like 16, I am going to be outraged. There shouldn’t be a limit and I hope that is something that is strongly considered. Also, I hope the character limit isn’t super short either. The multiple applications it can be used for is pretty large.


I read that wrong


Do you mean my post?


I am also hoping we get ladders at some point. Would really help with space management in builds if we had that.


Oh, no. I was talking about james’ post. I read it as “30 messages”. What he actually said is that they expire in 30 days.


Hahhhaahh… I didn’t notice that but if that’s what it’s going to be I am going to flip a dang table over. 30 messages is stupid low.


I wonder how many mailboxes we can place? Is it just one per player? One per beacon?


Hey I want some hopper with bunnies ears.


I hope we can have as many as we want. I think it would be nice for people to build their own mail rooms with signs above certain Letterboxes for certain messages, etc. That way messages can be at least sorted in some way if people want to leave a message of some kind and for the proper subject or topic.

I probably will do something like that.


You niw will get a bunch of oortian Valentine cards in your mailbox, because youre asking for it!

I mean Valentine event AND a mailbox at same time, can’t be a coincidence! :slight_smile:


Oh man, these next updates compliment each other so much.
Valentine event and mail boxes
Farming and beams/poles.

Even the hunter kinda ties in due to that ominous comment about liking baby wildstock. :unamused:

Kinda suspicious there’s been no confirmation or even hint on what planet tier the hunter will be on. No baby is safe!!!

(And suuuuper excited for all of these!)