Roadmap: Poles and Beams!


As someone who plays Boundless with his significant other, I’m quite excited for a valetines-themed event.


The devs should fly around like cupid, shooting everyone with buffs & random gifts :heart:


drake meme: no to forum polls, yes to in-game poles


Would be great if the poles/beams could work in conjunction with plotting.
A snap to pole type option to assist with adding plots as this can be incredibly tricky to do.

Removing plots is easy as you can stand miles away and see the plots really easily. Adding however requires you to be really close and it gets tricky to do and I always end up with plots too high and too low etc.

If we could somehow plot with beams so you can really plan, this would be great.

Or perhaps adjust the plotting so that we can do it from the unplotting type of distance :smiley:


If you stand inside an already plotted cube it’s easier, you aim at the wall you want to extend to and it works as you’d imagine, no misplots anymore!


I’m not sure what you mean regarding plotting… Poles and beams are decorative props, which don’t have anything to do with plotting…


Was hoping this would contain more details on Farming but the Lovestruck event and letterbox has me excited enough lol


It’ll take a little work to hide them, but I wanna use the mailboxes for geocaching! Will it be possible to make a mailbox public so anyone who finds it can read the messages?


By biggest issue with the poles and beams is that I WANT THEM NOW, NOW, NOW, NOW, NOW AND CAN’T HAVE THEM…!!!111!!


We did think about this but concluded a public mailbox was more like a Notice Board. Or a sign that you can respond to somehow.

If this would be useful then it could also be explored.


in the future players will say “why has this dude trapdoors standing up with locks on them” beta players over hears conversation says “you think thats crazy in ouuur day’s doors where only in wood” early beta players overhears says “we used to be only two moving gleamcubes called lester and we had a pet pig” everybody leaves confused


Not sure if talking about your past lives is appropriate in these forums! :joy:


That’s kinda what I wanted mailboxes for. Something so I can leave a message for that random build I come across that looks awesome and I can tell them that without even knowing who they are. As long as they have a mail box up.

Unless there is something similar to that desire being implimented in the future? Public “post it note board?”


Would be great if we could have public and private messages.


Guest Book would be great for public notes from visitors (with an option of deleting trolling inputs for the owner).
Guild Control book is already there - Guest Book could look similarly (best on some kind of small table/plinth of its own).


The guestbook could have a roadrunner feather pen across it in true boundless form


Very excited for beams and mailboxes!! I also love the idea of some kind of object that is for public messages, maybe a message board that can be interacted with to read the messages, and as more are added the model could update and add more little note papers to the board? Also if something like that were added, maybe also an option for the board owner to block certain users from posting on it if there were troublemakers.


Big question is the mail box going to require us to wright something on paper and drop it in or is it like email click the box and type up what you want to say




I was going on my limited understanding and post information above.
I was thinking posts rather than poles.
Posts you would place and then put walls between them etc