Roadmap: Poles and Beams!


Sneaky Steve.


I’m glad your releasing info on updates like this, but this isn’t a roadmap. It’s a patch preview.

Roadmaps should have your long and short term plans. Give us the current progress and an idea of what features you are prioritizing. Update it quarterly, maybe? Sparse on the details, though.

Patch previews, on the other hand, have more in depth information. Details on what’s coming, how things will work, when to expect those features.

Please consider releasing a real, full roadmap of what is being planned for the game.


We really need this.


I really liked how Dauntless did their roadmap on Trello. You could see everything that was a on the drawing board for the most part.


So excited about farming, poles and beams interesting is this to keep the hunter at bay… the hunter sounds terrifying. I am so excited for these changes I can only imagine what farming will be,.


I so agree MajorVex. Same here I run across builds, & have shop questions etc at times. Discord is great but not all players use it sadly. To be able to finally leave a message so others know we appreciate their efforts or have a question is wonderful.

We here in Black Light Phem, love them. So stop by & drop us a message we have available market & base areas too if youd want to join our fun active community stop by & leave me a letter to say hi :hugs::incoming_envelope::mailbox_with_no_mail::mailbox_with_mail::mailbox:


You keep calling the “hunter” creature a “she”. Shouldn’t she be a “Huntress”, then?

Also, @james , totally agreeing with the previous posters here, this whole roadmap concept seems unclear.
An actual roadmap on Trello or like the one Facepunch did for Rust would be faaaar better than this picture-thing, which look like the game will be 100% finished after the farming update.

For instance, let’s say I wanna know how the development for ladders has progressed, it’s lost somewhere in a forum thread that hasn’t been updated in a long time.
It should be on a roadmap page.


At the risk of sounding to pedantic, gendered job descriptions like “firewoman” or “stewardess” have been frowned upon for a while now (now neutral “firefighter” and “flight attendant”), so the neutral “hunter” is preferable to the gendered “huntress” for people who care about these kinds of things.


You can compare it to a fireman, but I could compare it to a female character on an MMO like World of Warcraft, which is playing the Hunter class, and being then called by the game “Huntress”.
If you also look in the wild, the female lion hunts, but people don’t say the female lion is a hunter. They say she’s a huntress.


…which doesn’t happen, because World of Warcraft does not use gendered terms when referring to the player classes(NPCs though, sure).

Technically, none of our creatures have genders. You can refer to any of them using whatever pronouns you prefer, since they don’t care, but Hunters are Hunters. They hunt. They are Hunters.


Just to add more fuel to the discussion… They are no longer called “Hunters” in the game text :see_no_evil:


Ah, my bad, maybe not in english, then. In french, however, they do that distinction between “Chasseur” and “Chasseresse”. Since I play in french, I made the assumption that they did the same thing in english. It’s a cultural thing, I guess. It’s so strange to me.


I think she’s saying the Hunter is simply a hunter in the way that a “gamer girl” is simply a gamer. No distinction is necessary. Plus, Boundless is an alien universe :alien:

Just like in another MMO, they introduced the Vanguardian and everyone assumed it was male. It’s actually a female character, but it can be anything. No distinction is necessary.


There are a lot of gendered words in English too, but as peregrine pointed out they are falling out of popularity. The creature’s gender(if it even has one) is irrelevant, so there’s no need to change the word. And, of course, they’re not called Hunters anymore anyway…




Yeah, but I never even heard of the word “gameress” before, though. Same thing for that Vanguardian you speak of, if you take the word guardian… has there ever been a female version of that word?
The word Huntress has always existed, however. There’s even a DC superhero with that codename. :stuck_out_tongue:

But the roadmap picture was posted less than 10 days ago. o_o
Out of curiosity, can we know the new name, or do we need to wait more? ^^’

Also, about the gendered words, it’s surprising to hear that, with all the me-too talk there’s been last year.


Well, I think that in almost all cases when you’re talking about someone’s job, their gender has nothing to do with it. It doesn’t really make sense to come up with a whole new word, or slap a suffix onto an existing word, just to point out that a person is a woman(and it is usually a ‘neutral’ term being converted to a ‘female’ one, in English at least). We don’t even do it with every word - there’s no ‘female’ word for doctor, or engineer, or artist - so why do this for actress and huntress? And, to complicate matters further, should we also invent new words for agender or non-binary people? Much easier and more polite to just use one word that doesn’t need to mention someone’s gender.


We should switch to primarily Spanish since most words already have assigned a feminine or masculine type to them :smirk:


Uh. I was thinking that it was more thoughtful to call a female hunter a huntress, but now, it also downs on me that women are actually asking for gender equality, and the gendered words would tend to go against it.
It’s a case of things you can think would please people, but in reality, nope, bad idea.

Welps. That’s been an interesting discussion, although not the one I hoped to see when I was trying to talk about the roadmap concept, but eh. shrugs


if that happens in life, language might naturally follow, as it reflects the mind using it

trying to change language before changing mentality/culture is nothing but compelled speech

and it’s funny how even best of intentions (being polite/sensitive) can still lead to someone getting offended (you don’t stress someone’s gender in your speech and someone cries for being omitted or ignored, you do it and someone else points out it’s fake and unnecessary)

since insult is taken, not given, we might speak whatever way we like and leave the hurt ones to hurt as long as they want (as long as we don’t intend to really attack someone with our words, our consciousness is clear)

long story short: she is a hunter :joy: