Roadmap: Poles and Beams!


You guys have completely missed the important fact, it’s no longer called a Hunter at all! :rofl:


That seems to still reference Q2 2018 as NOW. So not sure that is a great example of a roadmap. Or am I looking at it wrong?


she will remain hunter for me- same way shop stands are still selling plinths in my mind etc. :grin:

can’t switch some things despite time passing by


Weeeeell, I was referring to the website itself. I shouldn’t speak for Facepunch themselves, since I’m not even playing Rust anymore. But I remember that I liked the roadmap, that it was showing where the game was heading, and everything was clearly displayed in one convenient place.
I think the “Q2 2018” thing is more of a “we hope to do all of this by then”, which means they’re waaaay behind schedule.
But I’m almost certain that they do update it when they complete things or add new ones.


This right here is why some developers opt for shorter, more open ended styles of roadmap. They’re still giving us an idea of what’s coming up in the near future, but leaving themselves room to breathe and get it done in the time they need rather than rushing for deadlines and catching flack for falling behind schedule. They’re already pushing themselves by aiming for bi-weekly releases.


To be honest, I forgot the Rust roadmap had deadlines written on it.
I was just mentionning it for the fact that I liked seeing all the things displayed with indications like “done”, “working on it”, “planned” or “concept”.
As I was saying with the example of the ladders in Boundless, right now, if I wanna know where the development is on that particular feature, I’d have to go make a search on the forum, where I can find a devblog thread that hasn’t been updated by a dev since 2015.


at least an update on if its still being considered right, but i agree with @Ark. if they start going too far in the future the backlash from some people if things get held up for one reason or another would be a lot to deal with. Short term roadmap is good for this game, since the devs seem to try prioritizing whats next based on current wants/needs from the player base.


Well, depends on how “short-term” we’re speaking of.
I’m pretty sure that I’ve seen the ‘roadmap’ picture before this one, which showcased how farming was coming,

Notice how the poles & beams are not on that one, but the artist-formerly-known-as-Hunter is?
That poles & beams update came as a total surprise to me. I learned about it the day it got released from a friend.
I guess I should’ve been on this part of the forum for the time the update was in testing, so that’s partially my bad. On the other end, I did look at the roadmap picture.

I understand that it’s a touchy notion to try and put deadlines on work-in-progress features, but I’m not talking about that. I’m just talking about a reliable way to know the state of development (concept / abandoned / work in progress) of all the features, without having to read through the entire devblog forum thing.
All I’m saying is that the current ‘roadmap’ system could use some improvement because it looks a bit foggy and unreliable. I think it could gain from being less short-term. ^^


Whilst I’m with you that I want to know the status of a lot of things that are in varying states of concept / design / development, I’m happy with the short-term overview, as it allows the team to work in a more agile way - adapting, as required, to the needs of the players.

You’ll also notice the way that image is divided up… 2 large sections (or features) and 3 smaller ones. This denotes that smaller releases should happen more often than larger more involved features (which is the way it’s currently happening). We’ve already seen several smaller releases and one large one since they started using this format.

I am now, however, quite eager to see what the new 2 small and 1 large feature will be!


Which leads to the point I was making : we have no idea what’s coming up aside from the not-Hunter and the Farming. :neutral_face:


It’ll come … give it time… only so many hands available in a small team :wink:


We’ll probably get a new roadmap once this guild/footfall dust settles.


As long as I can see an update/feature coming on the roadmap before it gets a little longer than 6 days before its release, I’m fine with waiting, though.


That was a welcome surprise though. I was expecting this patch to be only bug fixes but they snuck that in. Next patch should be the big one (guessing) so maybe farming AND hunter on that one? :crossed_fingers:


Oh yeah, totally. I was also expecting bug fixes and minor under-the-hoods things. Seeing the poles & beams was an awesome surprise, and I’m having so much fun with it.
I did see the concept art for them some time ago, and I had no idea when I’d get to play around with them since the thread had gotten 0 update from developers since November 2017. Could’ve been an abandoned feature for all I knew.
I’m not saying the update isn’t cool, because it is awesome.
But I don’t see the point of adding a feature to a roadmap less than a week before releasing said-feature.
Unless I’m mistaken and the feature was displayed as “coming soon©” for way longer than that? Has there been news about the poles & beams between November 2017 and that roadmap picture?


It will be better if I shall keep silence :zipper_mouth_face:


I’m not going to keep silent. They are trying to get nee things out every couple of weeks or so, what’s the problem? Be thankful, be suprised. I don’t see a need to complain. Ever, really. They are on top of things.


Because it wasn’t complete until this release.

As a priority it was lower than everything else we did before.


It’s too tiredly to wait sweet updates for years. I know everyone annoyed by my moaning but I can’t stop already.


Getting new patches every couple of weeks is great, awesome even. I’m thankful for that.

But look at it this way :
I’m a player who’s not going to read all the forum threads the devs write, because there’s way too many of those.
I’m currently deciding which game should get my attention right now, depending on what they promise to release.
BTW, I’m waiting for Hytale, which holds much promise.
When I look at Boundless, what is coming? What am I looking for?
the-thing-that-shouldn’t-be-called-a-Hunter-anymore-because-its-name-has-changed and the Farming update.
From what I gathered, the new hostile creature (you know, that one that used to be called a Hunter) is gonna be a thing that I will hate, which will be able to warp in and out behind my back while I farm for plants on T6 worlds. Gonna be honest : I’m not looking forward to them.
The farming update… well… uh… I’m… going to… farm things?
The roadmap picture doesn’t help much there.
Info on these features and what’s beyond that has to be digged out of the devblog part of the forum, which looks like a mess.

As I said, the poles and beams are awesome. They were a lower priority feature, sure.
But between “presented as concept-arts in a forum thread hidden in the mass of threads” and “in testing”, I feel we’re missing some steps in communication.
I don’t think it’s alright to have to dig through the forum to learn about incoming features.

Look at this roadmap trello page someone made.
I found it when I searched for the official Boundless roadmap a few weeks ago, and actually thought it was official until I started to read it.

That’s what Wonderstruck should have. Plain and simple.
There’s not even a need to add deadlines like “this must be done for Q2 2019” or anything.
You can put pictures for each features. You can write more than “Incoming - Farming”. You can even add a link to the main forum thread about the feature.
TBH, I never used Trello myself, but I guess you can name each column as you desire, and you must be able to move features from one column to another to express how far in development they are.