Roadmap: Poles and Beams!


I see where your coming from. More info is better. My thing is, everytime I get on the forums, it seems like nothing but complaints. Not saying your wrong or anything, just I see more negative than positive when I look at the different posts from people. I really like the game and enjoy seeing it develop. Sure, things could possibly be improved upon, as far as update information is concerned. I guess I’m fine with being surprised with what comes out next. Boundless is all that I’m playing. Sorry, I wasn’t trying to put you down.


call it hunt entity


Just for the sake of clarity - That Trello board was officially started by one of the game designers at the time - it was a community roadmap, designed to get a feel of what the community wanted and what they thought the higher priorities were.


Well, they should’ve kept going with such a system, because if properly updated, it could’ve been way better and clearer.

I’ve spent 30 minutes looking through the dev-art part of the forum, and it’s a mess of threads where you can’t tell just by looking at titles if features are in the concept art stage, if they’ve been released or if they’re somewhere in-between, without actually going in the threads looking for messages written by devs lost in the mass of player messages.

Why not call it the Huntsman?

Oh, yeah. That’s why.


I’ve been calling it a Haunter since I first saw its concept art… so I’ve got my fingers crossed that this name stuck somewhere :stuck_out_tongue:


I like Haunter, but my guess would be Stalker :smiley:


While I am sure there are some who might not get this…how about Michael or Jason? :smirk:


How about Freddy?

To be honest, I do hope the final name will be something a tiny-bit more inventive that Hunter, Haunter, Stalker or Warper.

Like “Netherider”, you know, like “Nether + Rider”? Or “Warp-strider”? Not just one word, at least.


I will most likely call it hunter for another while anyway - although this one called for name change for a simple reason that a player can be a hunter too; could be confusing when using the word


OFF TOPIC - I considered Freddy but did not include him for this reason: Both Michael & Jason would stalk/hunt their victims. Freddy just waited for you in the dreams so he really didn’t stalk/hunt you. You may say he did in the dreams but I’m going with real physical effort so therefore he’s out.

I do like the Netherider though.


They can also go with a weird word that doesn’t really has an obvious meaning.
Look at Starcraft, with the Zergs.
To my knowledge, it’s not a word. It became one, to describe what you tend to do with an army of zerglings, though, but that’s besides the point.

Like, why not go for something weird like a Vaarg, a Vaargle? Vorglith? Just spitballing, there.


I really like that for a name, very scary sounding and with the tap, tap, tap, of it behind you it would be really scary to get attacked by it


This company uses trello really well for a community ideas board/roadmap.

Its not open to anyone to post items, the devs decide if its a good fit for their vision and manage what gets added (i know cause they dont like my suggestions and never add them!)… but once its added as an idea, the community can vote/comment. Then if it gets enough support it gets progressed to ‘sponsered idea’ (again at their discretion) — then whats currently in development, whats going to be in the next update, and an archive of whats been added. All with comments and updates on each item. Really effective way to do it imo.



Until there’s a Roadmap: Dungeons or End game forthcoming, you’re not likely to see me or really any of the other Forgemasters :frowning:


Shame. Was actually thinking few days back where you at. :grin:


dude…that hunter…is the most terrifying thing i’d ever seen, like holy ■■■■, it looks like the boundless version of a deathclaw


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