Rose/Fuchsia Sprays! Ki’Rin Co. - "Colors"

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Update: February 2, 2020
Recently remodeled! New pictures are coming soon.

Now stocked with Goo, Pigments, and Luxury and Season Color Sprays!

Valentine’s Special:
Cherry, Rose, and Fuchsia Sprays now available in limited quanities!

Located in FireBorn Nomads shopping district, “Colors” is easy to see as soon as you exit the portal.

Luxury and Seasonal Sprays available while supplies last!

Upstairs is the pigment station with thousands of pigments to choose from.

The Goo is in the basement, and will keep the plinths stocked as much as possible. Get those kernels while supplies last!

Don’t miss out! Get your painting needs today, at Ki’Rin Co. “Colors”!


Stocked the shelves today (11.27.19)

Additional bulk pigments (over 50 added) in the following colors:
Silk Teal
Cold Viridian
Stark Green
Bright Lime
Bright Yellow
Rust Blue
Stale Berry
Dark Violet
Dark Red
Dark Orange

Got a bunch of shadow orange and red pigments as well. Working to get the 3rd floor up and running soon.

Let me know what colors/shades are popular and I’ll work to get them stocked.

Re-stocked (12.1.19)

Following colors added in bulk (over 50 pigments)
Warm Blue
Dark Orange
Shadow Orange
Dark Red
Shadow Red
Dark Violet
Dark Lilac
Pale Berry
Silk Teal
Silk Turquoise
Vivid Lime
Cool Lime

And a low quantity of a few new shades like Pure Azure!

I came just to check out the build. That’s a pretty nice shop, I love the chisel work.

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Restock: 12.4.19

Have been reorganizing my goo farm so only a little supply today.
But 50+ pigments added in the following colors:
*Night Fuchsia
*Shadow Red

So far I’ve noticed only a few colors selling - Mostly the Fuchsia’s.

If anyone wants to leave me some comments below, or send me a PM on what color pigments you’re looking for, I can try to stock them as best as possible.

Plan to get my pigment processor up and running soon to make sprays - so similar question. What color sprays are people interested in? I know the shadows are popular, but what about weary shades? Or Luminous?

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Oh I made 3 sets you can use I’ll set them up soon at a spot not far from your shop.

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Thanks! But there’s no rush. I planned on adding a basement expansion to the shop and setting up the pigment processors there. That way any extra bulk pigments I can use to make sprays.

Like silk berry for example. Tons of that… so might be able to use it in mixing.

Just not sure which sprays will be wanted…

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Probably mostly shadows, luminous, strong and deep colors. Maybe start with the primary colors in those categories.

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People like neon colors and grays from what I’ve seen

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When you say “neon”, @DKPuncherello, are you thinking “vivid” and “bright”? Possibly even “strong”…

Luminous shades tend to be almost white. In some cases better than white imo. Luminous blue is amazing…

I am surprised at the colors that keep selling out. It’s not the ones that I assumed would…I personally am in love with the shadow colors and luminous ones, but I keep selling out of Deep Red, Ashen shades, etc. The easy to make ones. I thought people will scoup up the pure colors, vivids, lumis, shadows, etc 1st. Nope lol —also black and white are hot sellers

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Nice work on the shop, very cool looking building!

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That’s good input, @majorvex. Are you selling sprays or pigments?
I haven’t sold any white pigment yet - But could be priced too high maybe.

Also the market for pigments may be too niche. I figured I’d target those people who are making their own sprays, by selling pigments for mixing. But people may want the finished sprays more than the pigments.

I only sell sprays.
Some pigment colors have more weight than others (I think), so when mixing them to make a spray, they kinda muddy things up. For some it only takes one or two per 8 or 10 of another color to muddy it up.

Wait are you krylon?

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Yup. :+1:t3: I use an alt for it


Lol I had no idea. Neat!

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YAASSS! I saw your shop… and though about opening a pigment shop next door… so you can mix all the sprays you need lol…

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Restocked 12.7.19

Prices slashed! All pigments are now 125c!

Following colors stocked in bulk (over 50):

  • Night fuchsia
  • Dark Orange
  • Warm blue
  • Cold berry
  • Cool lime
  • Light orange
  • Silk turquoise
  • Dark turquoise
  • Silk teal
  • Light lilac
  • Dark violet
  • Vivid lavender
  • Blue

New shades added to inventory (limited quanitiies):

  • Dark grey
  • Light sepia
  • Vivid azure

You have deep red?? Ummm I’ve been looking for that! Lol.

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