Rose/Fuchsia Sprays! Ki’Rin Co. - "Colors"

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Yes, I can check to see if I have that in stock :blush:

Ok so that is your shop there. I bought 2 of every color you had. Took a while to go through them. I didn’t see deep red though the other day.

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Red, deep red & hot cherry go really quick.
You’re right, I’m out. I will make more & restock.

(Sorry for the thread hijack Shinobi :wink: )

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Lol Thanks guy!

(“guy”? lol) Restocking with what I have on hand while more is growing…

Lol whoops. Guys* as in all. Damn phone gets me all the time.


No worries! Good conversation. And keeps the thread bumped =)


Restocked 12.11.19

Cherry and Red pigments have been restocked in various shades and supply. Get ‘em while supplies last!

Bulk additions (over 50 pigments):

  • Silk Turquoise
  • Cold Lime
  • Cold Viridian
  • Dark Violet
  • Light Orange
  • Vivid Orange
  • Night Green
  • Dark Mustard
  • Weary Yellow
  • Silk Teal
  • Strong Magenta
  • Vivid Lavender
  • Deep Cobalt
  • White
  • Blue
  • Azure
  • Cerulean
  • Shadow Red
  • Shadow Fuchsia
  • Luminous Blue
  • Shadow Orange

New Color Pigments this stock:

  • Crisp Yellow
  • Night lilac
  • Strong Orange
  • Deep Cerulean
  • Strong Turquoise
  • Strong Cobalt
  • Strong Lavender
  • Vivid Cerulean
  • Strong Mustard
  • Night Azure
  • Weary Mustard
  • Ashen Red
  • Deep Yellow
  • Deep Fuchsia
  • Warm Fuchsia
  • Strong Fuchsia
  • Bright Blue
  • Shadow Mustard
  • Shadow Turquoise
  • Shadow Yellow
  • Shadow Green
  • Shadow Violet
  • Luminous Azure

Side Notes:
Planning a shop layout redesign now that all prices are 125c. Be on the lookout for a consumer friendly setup!

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Restocked 12.16.19

Bulk additions (over 50 pigments):

  • Night berry
  • Dark Turquoise
  • Cool Grey
  • Cold Viridian
  • Cold Lime
  • Rust Slate
  • Dark Violet
  • Silk Berry
  • Dark Orange
  • Warm Violet
  • Light Orange
  • Vivid Orange
  • Dark Mustard
  • Pale Berry
  • White
  • Cerulean (200+)
  • Black
  • Shadow Fuchsia
  • Luminous Blue

New Color Pigments this stock:

  • Night Azure
  • Night Blue
  • Strong Azure
  • Strong Slate
  • Dark Cerulean
  • Crisp Tan
  • Strong Red
  • Vivid Red
  • Weary Violet
  • Violet (pure!)
  • Orange (pure!)
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Just a quick update: 12.23.19

Shop has been redesigned and we are now stocking sprays!
At the moment we only have black and white and the two colors that inspired the build - Strong Cherry and Silk Lavender.

Let me know what colors you are after and I’ll get to work mixing.

If you’re looking for Shadow Sprays don’t forget to check out @wakeNbake 's shop “What we do in the shadows” at Marrah Mall on Boori!


Hey there Oortians!

Support your local Farm-to-Plinth grower by purchasing your sprays and pigments from Ki’Rin Co. - Colors!

Restocked the newly rennovated shop with some Ashen Taupe Spray! Over 1500 in stock today (12.30.19).

Will be working on mixing up various sprays so let me know what colors you’re looking for and I’ll get em stocked.

Ashen Taupe is Sold Out!

2k sprays sold in under 4 hours!
Whoever bought them HMU. I’ll be making more and can hand trade you

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??? (10 characters)

HMU = Hit Me Up = Message me anytime!

I may have bought them all. I’ll take any and all you can muster. :smile:

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Niiiiice! I will work on restocking ASAP.

1.1.20 - Happy New Year!

Restocked 2F pigment stands with recent harvest.
Added the following spray stands on 1F:

  • Dark Grey
  • Oxide Grey
  • Ashen Grey
  • Cool Grey
  • Luminous Blue

With the right lighting that luminous blue looks whiter than white! Come check it out while supplies last! And if you’d like any in bulk let me know!


2SS of ashen taupe now available! Get em while they’re hot!


Restocked pigments and added Rust Taupe to the sprays inventory!


Restocked pigments. Bulk supply added for Hot Moss, Silk Teal, and Luminous Blue!

Sprays added: Shadow Fuchsia, Shadow Red, and Shadow Orange.

Over 3k Ashen Taupe Sprays are available - and a good quantity of Rust Taupe as well. Both have that beautiful champagne color!