Ruby and Atlas, way too little?

I spent 4 hours tonight mining rubies, my grand total, 12. I’d go to a bright spot, an’ then I’d dig from 30 to 0 in a straight line down, across the entire bright area.

In that same time, I’d got 80 diamonds yesterday, and 40 sapphire…

This was frustratin…

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It’s just the way it is. Who said you should be getting hunders per hour? That would be boring and bring no challange to the game, even if it means more grind.

There is such a thing as too much grind.


Dont forget, you can also forge a chisel with the transmutation boon to transmute diamond into ruby. This helps counteract the lack of rubies. Also, rubies are the secondary gem, not the primary, so it makes sense that there would be much less of them on the world.


You can change gems into other gems via boons.

Since the world is a blast world, rubies are always going to be rarer. That’s just the way it is.

Hopefully we will get more worlds, of higher tiers too, later on.


If someone is a casual player, and cannot spend 4 hours a day playing, they are not going to want to be “challenged” in a way that makes the game no fun. I will also say your idea of challenge and mine are a great deal apart.


if it is a secondary gem type on a planet that is supposed to be rare, then why is it a bad thing? Making it more common is babysitting players. Gems, if not mined can be as well bought from the market which is pretty affordable for casual player.

Your definition of babysitting and mine differ also. The game already makes the individual buff against dangerous atmosphere and have protections from mobs. This is hardy babysitting. If the rubies were on the starter planets, then I would agree that is too soon. Probably even the t3 are too soon and I would agree the game might be making the resource to easy.

I do not believe making the gem more common is a bad thing any more than you think it being rare is a bad thing. The argument being made that you can change the gem into a more common one, means more crafting for the tool and grind to change the diamonds. It also means people need to find more diamonds since ruby is so rare. Is that a good thing? Now the demand for diamonds is higher because people need diamonds and rubies and cannot find rubies. Does the amount of diamonds available support both the demand for diamonds and the demand for rubies?

I keep hearing about wanting players to be “challenged”. Where is the challenge in buying things? Isn’t it more rewarding to accomplish these things on your own? If that is the reward then shouldn’t the casual as well as the avid player both be able to accomplish things without becoming overly frustrated? If someone is willing to spend several hours mining specifically for a particular resource, and has guidance on where to look (looking at the correct altitude and on the correct planet as obvious examples) should they not come away with enough resources to replace the tools they spent mining at a minimum? And by this I did not mean enough to sell resources and buy tools. I mean to make them on their own. If you want players to be challenged then being able to be self reliant is the bigger challenge. I think that should be possible without requiring hours everyday mining. I like buying as an option not as a requirement.


:point_up: This.
You are mining Rubies on a lower end diamond planet, thats twofold bad for your yield.
Unfortunately we don’t have a genuine Ruby planet in the universe right now.


Well my method help me get double to triple to ur gem grind.
4 hour today sapphire hunt i get 180 Sapphire + 150 Topaze.
1.5 hour today for diamond i got 180 - 190 Diamond + tons of gold and titanium.

The new patch mining is much easier than before if you find the correct way to do that.

For our guild tomorrow we will get 7 compactor power coil + 2 refinery power coil + 5 Extractor power coil set up

Those are just 2 days of works, 2 days ago, i was still can only craft iron or silver tools.
Only cost me 2 days, i can craft 50% of gem tools if i want.

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Don’t tease, tell us what way it is :slight_smile:

please tell us what you mean by patch mining!!!:pray:

Bomb mining.
*Tips: New bomb mining require more calculate for each hit, but will have better result in any level compare to hammer.

The only thing is you need to find the balance damage point to avoid destroying the metals or gems.
(a lot of thing you can test, Power / Bomb mastery / Bomb epic / Damage epic)
You don’t need to max them all, you need different set up between those on top to find the best set in different level planet.

I appreciate the info. . was hoping it was a pattern or altitude or something we could do without bringing another item with us when we mined. oh well

What type and how many bags of bombs did you use?

The cost is very cheap this all i can tell you.
Its no fun if i just share the method for you.
I spend so much time for testing all the damage number with different skill plan.
Its not hard, just need more test, and then you will be fine.

It does seem that seams take 110% damage from bombs :thinking: rocks also only take 75% edit: yeah… looks like this is accurate

I don’t believe in secrecy, so here goes:

Rock blocks (Hard Blocks) have 1200 health to begin with.
Seam blocks have 1800 health to begin with.

This is then multiplied by 3 because of the gem worlds being t4.
So Rocks have 3600
Seams have 5400
Additionally, they have 400 armour, so subtract 400 damage from any hit on any block on a t5.

That results in needing to do 3600 damage / 5400 damage respectively, and you can work out your damage (using a hammer at this stage) by doing (damage-400)*number of hits it takes

However, using bombs introduces more complexity to this, as seam blocks seemingly take 110% damage from aoe attacks, and hard blocks (rocks in this case) take 75%
So.… a bomb that did 1000 damage according to the tooltip would do (1000-400)*.75(450) damage to rocks per hit, and (1000-400)*1.1(660)

With all this complexity, we want a bomb that will leave all the seam blocks, having broken all the rock blocks.
I’m going to begin the checking with silver bombs, as silver and gold are relatively abundant.

SILVER BOMBS – They do 1200 damage according to the tooltip. This means they do 600 damage to rocks and 880 damage to seams

So, theoretically silver bombs, if you have no skills, work great with 6 bombs breaking rocks and leaving seams with 120 health.

Does any of this seem correct?

If someone could test this, emphasis on no skills into damage, that would be awesome.
Obviously you can do your own calculations based off this info, if it ends up being correct.

EDIT: Looks like im off on the damage somewhere… its much less that I thought

Edit edit:
I wasn’t taking into account the impulse armour and reduction of the blocks. Hard blocks (rocks in this case) have 400 impulse armour, so that takes another 400 damage off, and only take 50% impulse damage.

The new formula would be (damage-800).5.75 for hard blocks and (damage-800).51.1 for seam blocks

So, with a silver bomb and no extra damage its:
(1200-800).5.75 = 150 damage
(1200-800).51.1 = 220 damage.
Hopefully this is right now.
Then to get the damage with your overall damage multiplier, do damage + (damage * multiplier%)


OR you can check out this AWESOME spread that @Jiivita set up here.

Edit: read his instructions and then HAVE FUN! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: