Rumor has it

So I heard something about a few new crafting stations be introduced into the game. And was wondering if there were any truth behind this

Oh man…you’re such a tease.

My guess is this.

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Not a tease if it’s true.

Lol didn’t notice you beat me to it by seconds @georgegroeg

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:joy: Great minds think alike my friend! :+1::beers:

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Well seems to me only the people who could’ve told you would know more? And of course the devs themselves…

So what did you hear? What new machines??? What will their purpose be?

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Those are from Boundless 4.0… if you only knew what it really meant! New dimensions… black gleam… pitchforks… and p a n …t…s…


are they crafting stations though, or just deco items?

Definitely a fan of new things like this

And when I clicked on the topic it took me to AeneaGames post. Game on old friend.