Sap seems to be a limited resource

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To be fair, trees are everywhere and often very big. That being said, chopping down hundreds of trees just to get a couple of Sap seems a little crazy.

Sap being used in so many recipes, that it’s probably the most in-demand resource in the game.

I would love to see the machines used here to help generate sap. My thought was to use the Extractor to extract Sap from Trunks. This way, it’s still not super easy to get Sap, but your not spending most of your time in the game chopping down trees just to get the Sap needed to make all the Glues needed.

What do you all think?


I cut down 4000 trunks got 1200 sap with max luck. It’s about right tbh. However extracting sap from trunks is a awesome idea. Even if it’s only say 8 trunk to 2 sap, this is somewhere inline with my current 3.3:1 Log:Sap Ratio.


I have no problem with sap if I’m getting trees for builds anyway. If you max Luck you get a very healthy amount chopping a 900 stack of wood. I’ve had enough to meet all my needs for six characters and sell the excess. Get a character going with Axe Mastery, max Dex, max Luck and you’ll be good for sap.


Is Luck better to run than Double Drops Epic for a gatherer?

why not both?

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ive had no issues with sap tbh,still sitting on like 700 of it from cutting down trees for a few hours,had 0 luck while i was gathering it.

Skill points take a while to get :grimacing:

I find gatherer perk to be quite disappointing for the 5 point investment because it only works for plants mushrooms and boulders so I dont “believe” it works for trees… but hey it might as a tree is a plant of sorts I suppose. would love to hear if the epic does affect trees as it would make it a bit more worthwhile.

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from what ive read people had tested the gatherer epic and the increased drop portion of it doesnt seem to be working.

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I definitely haven’t been getting double tree drops with it, I might spec out of it as I find that I’m not getting double saltpeter like I planned going into if. More sap drops sounds perfect for my Teaching Pudding needs

Thanks for all the reply’s! I really wasn’t expecting this much of a response!

As a level 22 player and a new player at that, my skill points have gone mostly to defense. I was getting my backside handed to me by spitters on a level 2 world. So I maxed all the protections skills to make sure I would survive on higher worlds and so far I haven’t been sorry.

I suppose I don’t need to max out the protections for level 3 worlds and under, but I don’t know what I should have them set to for those worlds.

I would love a mechanism that would allow you to grind excess blocks into a small yeild useful resources. Like extracting sap or bark from trunks, flint from gravel, berries and leaves from foliage, orbs from appropriate blocks and minerals (salpeter, olivine, rock salt, etc.) from stone, sand and gravel.

However, I can imagine such feature being troublesome to balance.

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Note to add, I’m not using the double drops epic. Yet. Will test it tho.

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depends what class spitters have been giving you trouble on tbh,gatherer can a few options to survive higher tier worlds tbh (won’t be as effective as a combat ofc but holds its own)

this is my current lvl 24 gatherer and can survival T4 worlds easy enough with a iron slingbow for defence/killing

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Try investing into luck. With 5+ luck, you’re getting a consistent 15% drop rate on sap.

Source:I’m experimenting and collecting data

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It does not give you double drops, why the hell people think it does? It doubles drop CHANCE from boulders, fungi and plants. If a shimmering orb has a drop chance of x% from fungi xyz, this will make double the chance, so now it will have 2x% to drop from fungi xyz, it does not mean it will drop 2 orbs from it.

Also probability (chance) of , for example 25% to drop shimmering orb from fungi x does not mean that if you gather 100 every forth one, or forth of them will drop that orb. It means only that each plant has a chance to drop an orb. So you may gather 100 fungi, and get 10 orbs, or 20, or even 80 orbs. You can even have 10 consecutive drops, and then 50 not dropping. If you gather enough, I mean many plants, roughly quarter of them should drop an orb, but…

There is always but, there is something called negative bias, and positive bias. And with little drop chance for something, human minds tend to be negatively biased, so you’d think plants drop less, than they should. And if plants have high chance of drop, you will be positively biased and think, that they drop more often. That is unless you write down every drop from every plant, because if you do that, and have high enough sample (with probability in range on 0% to 100% I think ten thousand for each test would be significant enough) you can tell if the skill really does work or does not.


Guess I misread the skill since it does say it increases drop chance by 2x. Good catch. Literally been playing a week, still catching the skill details.


I only use luck for now but when I go hunting the three or four bottleneck ingredients I am missing, I will probably add in the gatherer epic.

I’m currently one level shy of where you are at. I’ll give that skill setup a try. I see you don’t have any points in the Endurance skills and have put a bunch into skill that raise your max health.

You don’t have any skills in the Crafting skills. Doesn’t that make it difficult to make the tools and weapons you need? Or do you just swap out skill points when needed.

He probably has an alternate character for that.

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