[Saphira] --[T6 - Fierce Chill Sovereign World]-- [Active]

-------------------[Sovereign Details]-------------------
Owner : @Lorgar
Permissions : Yes Visit | Yes Edit | Yes Claim (Campfires)
--------------------[:earth_africa: World Details]--------------------
ID : 5723
Name : Saphira
Type : Chill
Tier : T6 - Fierce
Atmosphere : Lvl 5 Potent (4 levels)
Size : 3km (32 Regions)
Liquid : β–² Water | β–Ό Water
Region : EU Central
------------------[:compass: Distance Details]------------------
1 blinksecs from Kol Huroo
Warp Cost : 100c
Portals : Kol Huroo hubs at TNT, Pharao, Dragon networks
---------------------[:stopwatch: Time Details]---------------------
Appeared March 4, 2023 9:35 AM
Last until May 3, 2023 9:35 AM
Will Renew : Yes

Current Blocks Colors

: Obtained on Homeworld (clickable)

∟240 Strong Slate - Gleam 240 Strong Slate

∟246 Dark Blue - Igneous 246 Dark Blue
∟251 Night Lilac - Metamorphic 251 Night Lilac
∟246 Dark Blue - Sedimentary 246 Dark Blue

∟212 Slate - Ancient Trunk 212 Slate
∟246 Dark Blue - Lustrous Trunk 246 Dark Blue
∟56 Deep Slate - Twisted Trunk 56 Deep Slate

∟211 Azure - Exotic - 211 Azure
∟209 Vivid Cerulean - Lush - 209 Vivid Cerulean
∟209 Vivid Cerulean - Waxy - 209 Vivid Cerulean

∟246 Dark Blue - Clay 246 Dark Blue
∟246 Dark Blue - Peaty 246 Dark Blue
∟246 Dark Blue - Silty 246 Dark Blue
∟246 Dark Blue - Mud 246 Dark Blue
∟233 Cobalt - Ash 233 Cobalt
∟246 Dark Blue - Gravel 246 Dark Blue
∟251 Night Lilac - Sand 251 Night Lilac

∟234 Deep Cobalt - Barbed - 234 Deep Cobalt - Besevrona
∟234 Deep Cobalt - Gnarled - 234 Deep Cobalt
∟235 Deep Blue - Verdant - 235 Deep Blue - Shedu Tier

∟211 Azure - Growth 211 Azure
∟155 Bright Azure - Ice 155 Bright Azure - Lutrion
∟205 Vivid Azure - Glacier 205 Vivid Azure - Lutrion
∟234 Deep Cobalt - Mould - 234 Deep Cobalt
∟246 Dark Blue - Sponge 246 Dark Blue
∟209 Vivid Cerulean - Tangle 209 Vivid Cerulean
∟236 Strong Blue - Thorns 236 Strong Blue

∟209 Vivid Cerulean - Cloneflower 209 Vivid Cerulean
∟209 Vivid Cerulean - Gladeflower 209 Vivid Cerulean
∟209 Vivid Cerulean - Ghostflower 209 Vivid Cerulean
∟209 Vivid Cerulean - Spineflower 209 Vivid Cerulean

∟209 Vivid Cerulean - Desert Sword 209 Vivid Cerulean
∟209 Vivid Cerulean - Oortian’S Staff 209 Vivid Cerulean
∟209 Vivid Cerulean - Rosetta Nox 209 Vivid Cerulean
∟209 Vivid Cerulean - Spineback 209 Vivid Cerulean
∟214 Vivid Teal - Stardrop 214 Vivid Teal
∟209 Vivid Cerulean - Traveller’S Perch 209 Vivid Cerulean
∟209 Vivid Cerulean - Trumpet Root 209 Vivid Cerulean
∟209 Vivid Cerulean - Twisted Aloba 209 Vivid Cerulean

∟248 Shadow Blue - Branch Funnel 248 Shadow Blue
∟210 Cerulean - Clustered Tongue 210 Cerulean
∟209 Vivid Cerulean - Glow Cap 209 Vivid Cerulean
∟210 Cerulean - Mottled Tar Spot 210 Cerulean
∟209 Vivid Cerulean - Tinted-Burst 209 Vivid Cerulean
∟239 Strong Azure - Weeping Waxcap 239 Strong Azure


Initial Resources

------------[Embedded World Resources]------------

RankResource NameAbsolute CountPercentageAverage Per Chunk
1Iron Seam10,737,95237.26%291.29
2Coal Seam5,780,14020.06%156.80
3Ancient Tech Component Seam3,236,22311.23%87.79
4Hard Coal Seam1,800,3006.25%48.84
5Titanium Seam1,743,5996.05%47.30
6Medium Fossil Seam1,523,5955.29%41.33
7Large Fossil Seam1,021,2973.54%27.70
8Silver Seam769,9522.67%20.89
9Sapphire Seam752,1152.61%20.40
10Gold Seam704,5122.44%19.11
11Ancient Tech Device Seam549,5831.91%14.91
12Topaz Seam200,6610.70%5.44

--------------[Surface World Resources]--------------

RankResource NameAbsolute CountPercentageAverage Per Chunk
1Basic Boulder45,74129.28%1.24
2Boulder Tower15,99510.24%0.43
3Beanstalk Boulder15,3979.86%0.42
4Tuber Plant9,9196.35%0.27
5Combustion Fraction9,3135.96%0.25
6Glow Cap Fungus8,2325.27%0.22
7Tapered Boulder8,2125.26%0.22
8Tinted-Burst Fungus6,5134.17%0.18
9Trumpet Root5,4243.47%0.15
10Starberry Vine4,3552.79%0.12
11Boulder Chip4,0552.60%0.11
12Mottled Tar Spot Fungus3,6012.30%0.10
13Boulder Ring3,2712.09%0.09
14Stardrop Plant3,0821.97%0.08
15Twisted Aloba2,8691.84%0.08
16Kranut Plant2,8281.81%0.08
17Clustered Tongue Fungus2,4571.57%0.07
18Weeping Waxcap Fungus1,8061.16%0.05
19Rosetta Nox1,5500.99%0.04
20Traveller's Perch1,1860.76%0.03
21Branch Funnel Fungus4250.27%0.01


Main goal for this planet are rich sapphire areas which turned out really well

Planet Screenshots

Many many gleamballs

Mountainous planet surface

Island tree forest

Signs of an ancient civilization?

Some big waving creature

Biome fusion. Island tree with leaves in the middle and tree growing on top

Biome fusion of gleamballs into island trees


Planet infrastructure

Small backstory of the build

For years gleamballs are known and they have been mined countless times. It has been taken as granted that they exist but how do they actually float in the sky?
When mining gleam the resulting blocks do not float anymore and fall to the ground. This means there must be something happening when mining gleamballs. Taking a closer look at this phenomenon revealed that gleam contains a gas that allows it to float. Smashing gleam with a tool allows the gas to leak out and vanish into the atmosphere.
Catching this so called β€œgleam gas” and filling it into balloons allows to lift heavy objects. This knowledge resulted in the creation of airships. Ship hulls are taken and connected to big balloons. This design makes it possible to land on any terrain. Either by making contact with land or simply touch down on water. Grapples allow the crew to easily leave and enter the ship.
The β€œOortegan Explorer” is one of the first of these ships now traveling to far out planets at the edge of the known universe. The goal is to explore new planets and further research the mysteries of gleamballs. The newest approach is to capture whole gleamballs with big transport airships to extract the gas more efficiently for the construction of further airships.

Hub and gleam farm

This is where you will arrive when using the portals. The left airship (The "Oortegan Explorer) is the hub with access to the sapphire mines and portals to link here when desired.

You can also buy an atlas here.

The right airship is the gleam transporter which is the gleam farm directly south reachable over the bridge.
There is a double gleamball here which can be farmed from the top or bottom.

In case you end up at the top when regenerating, there is a trampoline at the southern end to jump down.
This also where spots for campfires are available to store collected gleam.


There are 3 Sapphire mines set up as marked on the atlas.
Each mine offers access at height 105, 100, 95 and 90

Mine 1
Next to the hub reachable by foot.
This is a smaller mine and currently just a tunnel into the mountain. Useful for shorter mining trips to get some sapphires.

Mine 2
Reachable by portal from the hub.
This is the western rectangular area. Suitable for long mining trips. You can easily mine here for several hours. There is also a straight 600m north/south line to mine.

Mine 3
Same entrance as mine 2.
This is the eastern irregular shaped area. Suitable for very long mining trips and it will take some serious effort to deplete. It is also possible to mine in a 800m diagonal line or 500m straight west/east.

Tool shop

The hub also got a tool shop when in need of more T6 tools.

Tools are forged with 3x3 and either speed or durability.
Stock can also be checked on BUTT:
Boundless Universal Trade Tracker
Boundless Universal Trade Tracker


Beautiful planet, and fun to mine!


A small vid enjoy this place :grinning::grinning::grinning:


love the ships and the story behind them :sunglasses:


Its blue an blue on de ting!


This is actually my #1 favorite planet to mine on now. Never expected to be able to get Sapphire somewhere faster than Topaz on Galan. XD Thanks for this Sovereign. :heart: