Saturday Shop of the Week!

Hi All,

I run the Social Media pages for Boundless and wanted to trial a new weekly post over on our twitter page - @playboundless

How do you take part? Well, tell me a bit about a shop you run, where it is, how to get there and if there are any portal hubs near, and send in up to 4 pictures of your shop! This ideally would include a picture of your shop front and of course, feel free to put your citizen in the picture too!

The winning shop of the week will be posted on the Twitter page and possibly on our other Social Platforms too.

Let me know if you have any questions and good luck all!


Perhaps it’s time to reopen my shop :sweat_smile:


This could fun :wink:

Thankfully I come prepared. Is it ok if I link this short thread?

Short Story,
I started my shop a few weeks after release. First it sold gleam from till and it was just outside the Gravidias PS hub. My brother built an early version of a mall, a single building offering 8 stalls, and the shop and I moved to Storis II. Once at storis I built for a few weeks and stumbled upon Forging. Q-Mart then began selling cheap AOE Iron tools.I have always sold Iron aoe tools for the average player. Today, I sell all manner of forged goodies from Regen bombs and T7 Hammers, to Spanners and Loot Sticks, and more.

Located in DK Mall, D/E 65 — Can take Mall Shortcut portal.


That’s perfectly fine! Thank you :grin:


I opened my shop, “Blue Oyster Cult Shop” last summer sometime I believe. I recently gave it a third renovation in which has greatly added floor space. As I mentioned before on other threads I named it after the classic rock band “Blue Oyster Cult” because I was using a lot of blue materials. :joy: They are a great rock band too.

The shop is located in my settlement, Chaos, Raxxa. I currently have three portals that lead to my shop and settlement. These portals can be found in the Hive on Biitula, HSE on Sorissi, and the TNT Resource Hub on Alder.


This is my second try at having a shop and trying to keep it stocked with whatever seems to sell :). Its located in DK mall on Tana VII row Z 40/42 which is on the south side.


I have shops scattered around, but the one I want to feature is at the beautiful Nova Golda market - such a great place with lots of wonderful shops there, it deserves a highlight of it’s own! :smiley: My little shop there is Mine Your Own Business - specializing in raw mining products, and of course at my low prices! :wink:


Thanks for all your entries!

@Mittins , @curtis999c & @Shapehun do you have Twitter accounts please? If so what are your handles?

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I don’t have a Twitter account. I’m Twitter free. :joy:


Sorry, I do not.


Not a twitter user myself but I follow you guys on FB. Would love to see this posted there as well!


Not a problem all, just wanted to tag you if your shop is featured :smile:

Will be posting the winner of this week’s tomorrow so keep your eyes peeled :eyes:


Yaaay!! Thank you Leah and team Wonderstruck!
I have put an awkward Large amount of time into my shop, enough to say half of my total 2,000hrs game time. So I really appreciate the recognition!

Thank you for a great game!


You’re welcome :grin: hopefully will get the chance to visit myself soon!


It’s a gorgeous new build, you totally should! Not only that but great prices and selection too - a real “go-to” shop for me personally

Congrats Q! Well deserved!


Thank you DK! You mall is so popular I had to build something nice to take advantage of it :slight_smile:


Lol :joy: . I have bought tools from there relatively recently. Great shop. :sunglasses:


I would like to make this a regular thing so don’t forget to send in your shop entries to this thread! :shopping:


The Hill , on Tana VII.

Selling some of the cheapest and most reliable coils around.
always plenty of stock and guaranteed surly service :+1:
portal via PS Biitula hub and DK’s mall (whose current expansion is going on around me :grin:)

Had a number of complaints from prospective customers regarding access so added several tunnels leading up to the shop

currently laying down some new glass flooring but almost guaranteed there will be no holes.
management does not take any responsibility for customers health and well-being while on premises.

twitter @catfud


My wife and I run multiple shops throughout the boundless universe. Some of the ones we are most proud of are the Dark Crystal in Illumaughty, Short Circuit in DK Mall, Death’s Doors in Illuminaughty (work in progress), and Chauteur in Illuminaughty.