Saturday Shop of the Week!

are you able to take some pics for us?
My shop is basically a slab of glass on top of hill…not gonna be hard to beat :smiley:
some great shops out there…would be lovely to have a few more shown off here!


But Your slab of glass is unique compared to other shops which makes it great

Ill throw mine in.
Everyday Chisels located in Deep Dark Mall


it is not a typical shop, but we do sell trampolines and first aid
can you reach the top room ? …well, of course you can… but can you do it without using grapples ? hm? not so easy, is it now :person_climbing: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

located in Deep Dark Mall, portal at TNT megahub, behind T2 planet gates


I’ll present the Purple Serenade Shops ! I started playing with my partner, @SWShredder, in November and I have to say he has always been the builder. He created the Domain of Harmony on Raxxa and, when time has come for us to run a shop, he wanted it to feel like home. So, he created Purple Serenade Shops in DK Mall and Gyosha Mall on the same theme as our Domain (including the music theme name :musical_note:). Running the shops were one of the things he preferred when he was playing. Now that he has taken a break, I have been promoted from employee to manager ! :tada: I want to take this opportunity to thank every customer that keeps the Purple Serenade Shops running, you’re awesome :raised_hands: !

Now, enough with the context, here’s some pictures !

First, we have Purple Serenade in DK Mall

We sell pies, brews, consumable crafting, and tools & materials crafting

Downstairs there’s tools, weapons and fuel

It’s accessible from PSBiitula, Purple Serenade in Gyosha and the Domain of Harmony (itself accessible from TNT and PS Raxxa)

Now, Purple Serenade in Gyosha Mall, accessible from PS Gyosha, Domain of Harmony, and of course Purple Serenade Tana.


Looks nice and clean!


shops… shops? shops! of course, if we are talking about shops, then I need to mention my amazing shop, the stew pot! as autumn dells stew man, I know everything about stew… and most certainly, how to keep the pie man away!


A little nudge for anyone who would like to submit for this week! :grin:


Giving my weekly nudge! :grin:

Those who have already entered are free to do so if you have updated pictures/ stock :smile:


I would very much like to write a few warm words about my favorite store recently - Enjoy Divinity shop and its owner @Litty.
I love hammers and here i can find them in any quantity as other forged gear - shovels, axes, bows etc.
Buff/Regen/Heal bombs, lootsticks, solidifiers, liquid breakers and also all kinds of machines, furniture, decor, blocks, paints, farm stuff and many many others.
The store owner is a very friendly and kind person, i often meet with him when i come to visit.

It is very easy to find this place, it is accessible through many hubs: PS, TNT, Fireborn hub, DK’s malls, ICONIC, Hunt Hive etc.
I will attach some screenshots and recommend to visit this place :boundless: :hugs::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

PS Biitulia N side

Fireborn Hub Alder N side

TNT hub S side

DK’s Legendville mall W side Tana

DK’s Ultima tree S side Eresho

ICONIC mall W side

Hunt Hive Biitulia S side

Legends Hub on Delta W side

Hunt Lodge N side

ohh… :pleading_face:


Better fix that sign


i bet that shop is popular haha.
good thinking putting beans on there. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s fine haha! Gives me more to choose from :grin:


Bitter bean prices sure have increased!

:face_with_hand_over_mouth: :angel:


Thank you all so much!! :smiley: Really appreciate it, going to be restocking soon there with stuff from the new exo! (Hehe, I’m tearing this one apart so much :wink: )

Be sure to check out all the wonderful stalls at Nova Golda while you’re there, it is a gorgeous marketplace with great stuff - do a lot of my shopping at all my neighbors’ stalls there! :slight_smile:


Would anybody like to submit their shop for shop of the week? :smile:

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My humble store: Gloviathosa Market.
Located just to the north from PS Gloviathosa HUB.
You can reach it by the portal from PS Lamblis or DK Ultima Tree.

Selling almost all crafted goods and buying almost all raw resources.

Just in case, forum thread: Gloviathosa Market


gonna have to nominate Yamaska on Minorengle…they are just having a remodel and it’s looking just lovely.



I’m not sure if it showed up here, but this is @Trickyy90’s shop in G-Mall. I love the way she has it set up. Come check it out, I have horrible screenshot-foo and it is amazing in person.