Save the portal oort be more efficient!

I’m just wondering and this is a personal preference.
big hubs main portals to other planets should set the portal to capital. (since capital earns the most footfall)
then from capital portal access to everyone around the planet.
I don’t get it why should you have 3,4,5 of the same portal to the same hub? (footfall?)
ain’t that an oort waste and since the oort is a precious little ‘‘stone’’

I think we as a community need to make the changes and be more efficient!
oort prices will drop and maintaining will be less costly as well
earned footfall can be shared with other settlements as a weekly pay for the planets.
just my thought due to the fact after doing some research its 1 big mess.


Sure is a mess, but it has been since just after launch. People just have a thing about keeping portals. Almost seems like a badge of honour.

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true or dislikes between other settlements, but a change starts with yourself.


We can absolutely be more efficient. I think most people try to have more portals from different places to attract “wandering” customers for ff and sales.

With the shop tracker, ff is the only real reason to have many portals.

We as a community need to get on the same page about naming our beacons and portal signs the same in order to easily find the shop we are tracking on the planet.

I would propose discipline. If you host a hub of portals, put hub in the name. Hubs should try to primarily connect to other hubs. “Shops” should then connect to only a hub or 3. Players can easily get used to warping to a planet, check the shop tracker, and wander a few “ planetary hubs” until they find the shop portal matching the beacon name. Hubs should be a way to navigate and find ALL portals on the planet. Shops can connect to anywhere and players should know they probably cannot get everywhere using those portals.

Hubs can also do a better job at organizing portals. Rite now its just a collection of portals in a circle. Segregation of shops from other hubs, maybe segregation of types of shops, and segregation of planets would be very helpful. I challenge one of you epic builders and hub owners to accomplish this and set a new standard.

Ive been thinking about portal efficiency for awhile, but i do not own a major hub and i assume i dont know all the troubles and stress keeping one operational. But as a game and community we are reaching a point where we are pretty well established with economics and networks and malls and groups, we can look towards being more efficient and ultimately leading to a better playing experience for newer players who can get confused.

Thanks for reading my idea dump.


With more portals to a shop (or mall/market) the easier it is to find the place the shop tracker is showing.


I’m not sure if the ones that have problem obtaining and affording Oort are also the ones that spend a lot of it. I think it’s the small players that have problems to keep their portals open.

We know that Nova Golda can pay for the guild buffs and their portals Oort cost with only footfall. It’s a well managed, nice market and it’s well deserved. And one reason I shop there is because it’s very easy reachable from wherever you are.

Last 7 days the EFC farms on Besevrona made 24587 coin in footfall and they keep 9 1x2 portals open. The portals consume 109 rough Oort per week. Paying more then 224 coin / rough Oort means I loose money.

Why should a group that runs one of the few remaining networks or hubs, that pays or hunts for their Oort, abandon the network or hub? Just so I can buy Oort cheaper? They have nothing to gain but everything to lose. It’s their Oort, they can burn it however they want and I’m happy all the networks let me use it for free.


I think this is wishful thinking. If a hub somehow gets more efficient and spend less oort, they’ll not buy less of it. They’ll still buy the same amount, to save up for a rainy day or even just us it to fuel other portals. Either way it leaves the economy.

By far most hubs don’t actually make any money, nor are they intended to. I think we are forgetting that most of the major hubs are essentially volunteer projects. Projects not created for profit, but as a service to the community.

And as @scrufola pointed out, it’s not the big networks that struggle with oort (have you ever seen the PS oort reserves? They can keep going for a few more days), it’s the smaller players.

I know that i could hunt twice a week to fuel my portals. But hunting has become such an incredible bore. It’s been 9 months (since i started) of the exact same thing over and over and over.

Hunting needs to be changed/updated. That’s the only thing that’ll solve the oort shortage and rising prices. (Or give an alternative way to get oort)


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Even some of us small players have enough Oort to run a hub for a week or so. My reserve is some what able to be seen by the public eye if you can find the room it’s in. Tho you’ll be looking thru a window since it’s a room inside a room. But I’m pretty sure I can run the tnt portals for a couple weeks as they don’t pay for every planetary portal. Also I think @Ratchel has more than I do so he’s in an even better position. I’m not sure how much @curtis999c has but I don’t think he’s hurting in that department either.


That’s a super small sample size though :slight_smile: just becaude you and a few others aren’t hurting in oort, doesn’t mean a lot of other players aren’t :wink:

I’m not saying ALL smaller players hurt for oort. But i would put IRL money on the fact that there are (proportionally) more smaller players hurting for oort, then hubs and networks.

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If smaller players are hurting for oort then perhaps they are simply living beyond their means. I manage to run my shop with 2 medium sized hub portals and i have a handful of personal portals between locations around my build, I join maybe 1 hunt a week and that’s probably a very generous estimate of the hunting I do.

At the end of the day all a player “needs” is a 1×2 portal to a planetary hub, any beyond that are luxuries.


Quite possibly.

My point is though, regardless of how much oort you use, big or small player, the issue isn’t that people should be more efficient or close some of their portals. The issue is that less and less oort is coming into the economy, and getting oort for yourself feels more and more like a chore rather than playing the game.

I run a small hub (like yourself) at my shop. But i’m considering closing a few of those portals because i just can’t ever find the will to hunt. And unfortunately hunting is the only (viable) way to get oort.


Yep I get what you’re saying and found myself very much in the same way a few months ago.

I was bored with the way we were hunting and that was basically because i found the quality of a hunt was now being measured by Oort per hour rather than simply by how much fun everyone had playing the game.

So I made the choice to close a few basically useless portals and start buying some oort. Only recently have I started joining the odd hunt run by some friends as they do focus on making hunting fun and oort received is second or even 3rd on the priority list.


Yea I wasn’t going to make a list of everyone I know :sweat_smile: but is it really a super small size with a small player base :joy:

But with the shop scanner I’ve gone to a lot of shops that have zero portals. So id think the size of people that hurt is probably smaller than both of us think

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Hunts used to be fun? I never found any fun in them


Haha yeah I get that, it wasnt so much the hunting that was fun but the people I was with and the antics that occured.

But… you have so much Oort you say? You must love torturing yourself, lol.

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This :point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2:

. I run a large network of portals. Until recently, I provided all the Oort. Now Lorelie and I share it. We obviously hunt almost daily, so between us we manage pretty well. I buy Oort occasionally… but usually I buy it if I want a bit more of a cushion or to help my guild members earn coin.

It takes effort, for sure, but it’s manageable for me considering the amount of time I have to play.


Maybe once or twice every two weeks. But that keeps me out of my reserves. The reserves are from when I did hunt and I also bought 1mil worth of Oort when it was 180-200c ea. So now it just sits there since I can manage on the Oort I make with the 2-4 hunts a month I do. And I leave the hunt before it’s over or join after it’s been going on for any hour lol. So I might be present for an hour of the hunt.


And basically everything you just said sums it up well.

You run a community and hubs and take it upon yourself to do the work required to maintain all of this by organising and leading hunts, etc.


A trader’s nightmare :cold_sweat:

edit: Good for the consumer, bad for the trader

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