Say No to Pay To Win

So Boundless has a lot of fans its a great game and we get passionate about it.

There has been talk of Pay to win sneaking into this forum for some time…

@Xaldafax made points about the ability to buy plots being PTW for him.
And I actively debated and made counter points as to why I didn’t feel it was that bad
or not really ptw because you still have to build on those plots etc.

The fact is that I stood up in defense of the pay to win door being opened…

And Now I find myself stare-ing at the ability to buy more characters and more skill sets and these cross
soundly into my opinion of what Pay to Win is…

Now you maybe just like me when I thought @Xaldafax was over reacting… And you may decide to debate and counter point all the reasons that skill sets and extra character slots are not PTW…

But what happens when they add the next thing!!! And that thing is clearly PTW for you!

Are you going to find yourself wishing you had a time machine to go back and stand up with @Xaldafax when he could have nipped it in the bud before it started…

I am asking everyone who cares about this game to at least consider that if some of us can see these options as being Pay To Win what does that mean for the game?!? How well have games done when they have acquired that stigma?!?

Its an MMORPG killer it part of the reason the Genre is dying, because everyone is not willing to move away from Free to Play Cash shops a Eastern MMORPG Fad that just is not working here in the West…

Anyway I am getting off topic… Give a simple +1 if you can relate or you just straight up agree and give a simple -1 if you think its obviously clear there is nothing PTW here…

^^^^^ Initial opinion without fully understanding the mechanics!

So some FYI on this topic…

Most of my concerns where based on skill sets just being a process of clicking a button and realocating your lvl 50 skill points…

However Jiivita has confirmed that you will indeed have to earn the skill points for every skill set which really changes my view point on this mechanic… While I still have some concerns with buying multiple characters the skill set situation seems to have been a non issue! So I will be changing my vote too a:



Say no to say no to pay to win, so -1 ^^

Atm I’ll have to give a -1 <3

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ROFL so just give a +1 or -1 if you agree or disagree. Screw actual real constructive discussion.

Definitely and wholeheartedly, -1.


a poll would have been better ^^


Maybe I know this is an unpopular topic and I am attempting to avoid getting brow beaten or others who may agree getting brow beaten… so limiting it to +1 and -1 avoids the “Your stupid blah blah posts that will inevitably follow at some point” And if none of that shows up maybe more +1’s will appear as no one wants to actually admit there part of the minority…

But even a minority opinion is too much!

Sure thing man… lololol

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Not sure how you -1, but that’s my vote. You only get plots, skill resets or removals, up to three skill sets per character, appearance changes, or character slots. It really doesn’t seem pay to win for me


I see nothing that is pay to win. So whichever that one is.

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I’ll be honest with, if you are doing a + and - without the poll, you should probably change the name to something that doesn’t make it sound like its petition.

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Its basically is a petition…

The Majority rules…
I am currently in the minority…

Dev’s see the pole they see that the community is behind there changes and not with me so they know they have made the right decision…

Or if more brave people stand up with me they scratch there chin and say maybe we need further compromise perhaps this can be construed as Pay to win and maybe we need to tweak things…

However it sadly looks like I am going to finding a new game as I won’t play any game where you can use your wallet to get an advantage over another…

which is what will happen for me… I am a shop keeper I am not willing to invest the amount of money needed to get 2 characters with 3 skill sets to craft everything plus another gathering characters with 3 skill sets plus another hunting character with 3 skill sets

basically I for see people with disposable income who will have 6 characters with 3 sets a piece. One of them will be Omni… I am sure of it and I already have a hard enough time competing with him on equal footing!!!


bye … wave²


I haven’t been on the game for a long while, and I haven’t been keeping up with forum posts as I used to. But after reading both topics made about the exchange by the devs.

I feel the option is not pay to win, it certainly gives the added benefit for spending your money in the game, but with no certain way to get any remarkable advantage from any non paying player.

If anything, players that spend no money, yet play the game, have the option and way to earn qubits without ever so spending a dollar.

If anything it comes more to the rate someone may earn qubits by playing and at which rate. Than the feature being Pay To Win. It’s pay to get a benefit, that doesn’t make a remarkable change on your chances of being better than someone else. It’s a system that allows for both active players and people that are willing to spend their hard earned cash to get satisfaction out of the system.

TLDR: -1 from me, it’s more a thing about balance and not the system being pay to win.


if you pay you not winning you are buying :cowboy_hat_face:



… only if 300+ plots til lvl 50 (and more after) are not enough for you ^^ (keep in mind that prestige is not changed by beacon size :wink: )

I think that you are still looking at the game as only having 200-300 players that actually play it. Unless you have a group of people, it doesn’t matter how much time and money you can toss into the game. If you want to solo or even two or three person a shop you should probably enjoy this alpha/beta while it lasts. If this game takes off, (Which we all hope it does!) you won’t be able to do much to compete solo.

Just off of the fact a 20 person group can out play your week in a couple hours while actively running shops on every large hub (and keeping them stocked) means most of these pay to win pushes are hopefully pointless. It doesn’t matter how much disposable income you have, new players will be like zombies and overrun you with numbers. Popular streamers will get people that sell at their shops for cheap so they can flip just because people like the way they talk, your better prices may not really matter to their listeners.

There are minecraft groups larger than our beta community that work on builds that are absolutely massive, and I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of their communities host open worlds on private servers. There will probably be hunts going on constantly that will allow us to do 4-5 levels (at 50) every couple of hours if we bring pies. So these groups will be rolling in cubits when they get up and running.

Its hard to tell if any of this is even an issue since we can’t compete with large groups no matter how much money you spend, and the larger the group the less they will need to spend any money at the exchange at all.

Anyways, I’m a little tipsy and rambling. You all have a nice safe weekend and hopefully find lots of silver if you are mining. Everyone loves silver!


You know that you can buy those with 2 level 50+ level ups? Playing to level 50 alone gives you 9000 cubits and a skill set/character slot costs 600 cubits.

I appreciate that you are so enthusiastic about the game but I seriously see no difference between plots, skill sets and character slots.
They are just empty containers and you still have to fill then. You gain 0 progress by unlocking them.


The 8900 Cubits you get for lvl 50 can buy you many different things for one it could bye you…
300 plots which is the amount of plots you would have had for lvl 50

So do I want the 300 Plots I am use to having or do I want
the 3 character slots I am use to having?
with 3 skill sets for each of them 5400
and a token few plots left over to build a hut on…

Currently the value of my account in Cubits is!

Around 1100 Plots on 3 characters… each plot has a value of 30 cubits
33,000 cubits in plots
3 character slots = 1800 cubits
The skills each of my characters know is well beyond the 3 skill sets which is another 5400 cubits.

So currently if your a lvl 50 on 3 characters your playing the game that will cost you 40,200 cubits and you only get 8940 for reaching lvl 50 so that other 30,000 plus your either going to need to level at 300 cubits for level you will need to lvl 100 times past 50 to get back to what you now know in game…

But all of that is neither here nor there I don’t mind the limited skills I like the new skill tree and the choices that need to be made but I don’t like the fact that anyone who is willing to open up his wallet can bypass those choices…