Say No to Pay To Win

I’m pretty sure we are keeping the 3 character slots we have now and the ones you can buy expand on these. E.g. are for a 4th character and so on.

You can’t buy skill sets for other characters, each character has to buy their own.
So its either 27000 cubits for reaching 50 on 3 characters or 1800 for 3 skill sets.

Your math is flawed. The 3 starting character slots are free. Each lv 50 char gives you 9000 cubits EACH. Thats 27000. And I’m pretty sure its not required to have 3 skill sets with each character to be able to play like you do today. The only thing thats right is the value of your plots.


Its funny I have spent much time and effort debating your points about boundless becoming Pay To Win that now I find myself in your camp…

While buying plots I don’t find to be a huge issue…
The ability to buy skill sets and characters is for me!

Maybe I shouldn’t have been somehow more malleable to your concerns! As the one issue has opened the door to a bigger issue!

And that is a good thing… one positive change too bad there is Pay to Win buy another Skill set to solve your issue… only 600 cubits…

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don’t forget that you still have to level your char to get the skill points you need to fill that second or third skill set with points. But yes, like allready said: There has to be a maximum of possible skill sets/characters.


Nope just buy it with money… No need to level for cubits…

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Oh, I understood that the points you spent in one skill set are not available to another … so if you hit lvl 50 you have a full set and then get points for the next set(s) (each up to 80 per set)


Skill points are not available to all skill sets, but are shared between them


To make it clear: at lvl 50 it#s like having a maxed char and building up a new on from lvl one to max with the next ~25 lvl ups … (or split your points on all of your sets which you unlocked). Still hope for a limit of 3 in total.


duh… but getting level 50 isn’t a difficult experience… it can be done currently in 2 days … Once you become level 50 and have the max skill points now it only takes…


To be able to do EVERYTHING in the game…


I think I read somewhere that the limit was three skill sets per character


This thread seems to have been derailed by one person. :man_facepalming:


oh stop with your pay to win mentality … you still can only play one role a time and to switch freely needs to go to the home beacon which can be problematic if to far away from your home world atm (and still cost’s porting costs and time, especially if you are not close to a network).

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if your not at the home beacon you can stills switch it just goes on cool down but lets face it your home beacon is were the primary issues are…

Thats where all the crafting stations are at thats where it will be most exploitable… Your not going to walk off to the woods to forge weapons are you your going to do it at your home!

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japp …


… ^^


Can you please stay on topic?
Its not about Pay To Win issue.

It’s about skill balance when creating a skill set.

Thanks @james - it belongs here

Are we still tallying -1’s? Cuz I’m definitely -1 here.

I’ll tell you all what’s really Pay-To-Win… Pay-To-Win is being able to buy my own private server where I can just build and build and build and not have to deal with the peasants and their feuds and their petty concerns and their trade wars and their Gleam towers and their roads to nowhere and their mud huts and their gossip and their politics and their footfall and their rival capitals.

And I’ll probably invite some of you, and we’re gonna have a great time.

Meanwhile, I’ve got my money in hand, and I’m ready to win.


ha ha ha ha ha, nicely said @anon73404375, lol

I also -1 this


-1. I’m reconsidering my concerns as well - more time on testing has shown that the playing feed will be just as level as it is now.


3 cubits = 2000 xp

Once I worked that out it all seemed much less pay to win. An extra character = 400k xp, etc.

You’ll can have everything you want with a reasonable amount of game time. We definitely aren’t getting forced into buying qubits with real money - that is something we can opt into without major game impact.

EDIT: Which also means that dying now costs you up to 60 cubits worth of XP.


Getting new character slots is not pay to win. You need to spend lots of time (not 2 days) getting that character up to a useful level. So, if you are planning on spending the money to get all 10 slots, it won’t benefit you much unless you are also one of the most hardcore players.
Getting new skill sets is also not pay to win. No matter if you pay to get 3 sets on each of your 10 characters, the same applies. You need to spend a tonne of time levelling up to get enough skill points.
TL;DR -1