Scan my planet colours

Hello everyone, could someone scan the colors of my planet please ?
I don’t know how to do it…

Thanks a lot for your help :kiss:

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I think it shows here how to :hugs:

Hello Senshiro, I know Boundless proxy UI, but it doesn’t work for me…

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Not using the Proxy but I will ping @majorvex or @Turrican2006 probably they can give a hand on it :hugs:

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I was teaching myself how to do this but couldn’t get a response for the API key so I’m kind of at a stand-still. Also, there are 3 how-to video links to streamable, but they don’t work anymore. :sob:

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I think you probably need That API key to get it work

There is a video you need to watch that walks you through it. You also need a key from Angellus to make it work. Read that forum post and watch the video.

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Right now scanning isn’t doable as there is an error which is usually temporary. However, if it gets resolved and we can scan again, a location/token/where the portal is located to get there is needed (at least for me!). I’ll scour the skies for exos but that’s about it :wink:

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Sry i did n t replay, but i was already sleeping…
And the Others explained already .


No problem at all :+1:

We appreciate that you made your presence known long enough to explain. :wink: