Scheduled Update - 21st November, 10:00 UTC - Body Paints are coming - COMPLETE


I never said that I didn’t like your opinion. I merely explained what a Hotfix was and the reason for it being applied. I then simply asked if you’d prefer we wait or have the fix applied asap. I never once said that I disliked your opinion.


I know what a hotfix is. I just dont believe that we should be taken down for as long as they usually do for so little. I mean what about the footfall and all the other things that I’ve seen people complain about for weeks? Seems stupid to not capitalize on the update opportunity and fix their game further. I mean finata is still a nightmare to be on. The lag is real a lot of the time and I just feel that they could do more. Kick me off for an hour fine I’ll play something else but at least make it worth it. Besides why is everyone so eager for the well food buff to not postpone hunger?


Don’t bother, Tifa is a troll account. One of the alts of someone that is probably banned.

Best to ignore. I didn’t realize till I checked the post history.