Scheduled Update - 21st November, 10:00 UTC - Body Paints are coming - COMPLETE



Update is complete and everything is back online.

Release notes are available here:

Hey folks,

We’re going to be updating the live game tomorrow (21st November) at 10:00 UTC. Servers will be offline for a brief while, but once we’re back, you’ll have some awesome new body paints to customise your characters with, along with a whole host of improvements to the game.

Patch notes can be found over here:

Thanks, and be sure to share pics of your new-look characters - enjoy!

PS: In case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s Jiivita’s wonderful overview video to whet your appetite ahead of the release!



Nice! :smile: :heart:


Love the new updates, thank you very much :grin::grin::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::sunglasses:


Looking good

Ps: might want to check your link or lack of on fb page :grin:


Woohoo! Thanks for the headsup! :smiley:


Does this include all the items in the patch notes or just the paints?

:crossed_fingers:100 locations :crossed_fingers::grin:


most likely all of them.


Now the question is…what body paint do i want :thinking:

Im torn between the wave and energy.


Quite nice ; P


James said everything is included. Keep in mind they added 2 things to the orginal list. You can find the details further in the original thread, but it should mostly involve network / internal optimizations and not affect gameplay.


He had me at hello! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.


Sweet we get footfall this week!


Question, now that my account is no longer on Hold for almost a week, Will this include the free clensing of skills below lvl 20, and Gleam Members no longer needing Tint Kits for clothes?

And if yes, will people that used Cubits on Clense Points and Gleam Members that bought and used Tint Kits before this change be compensated for their waste of Cubits?


Yes, yes and probably no :confused:


I don’t think that’s in this patch, unless I’m missing something :frowning: Hopefully next


The Timer resets everytime the game goes down for an Update. So big boost of new Footfall again, and a week from now we’ll be back in the great depression.


Oh, lol, yeah…


Doubt it, if so I would have 100+ clense points coming my way.

Regarding footfall, the server seems to always go down every two weeks for a patch.


Good job devs.