Testing 206: Body Paint!

This update is accessible via the “Testing” release of Boundless on Steam.

Please restart Steam to make sure you get the latest version of Boundless. If the update happens whilst Steam is open it’s unlikely you’ll get the latest version.

Please report all issues discovered to new posts in the #support category.

The following release notes are not final and should not be considered complete or exhaustive.


  • Body Paints are now available in the Exchange to customise your characters.

Release overview video by the :star2: @Jiivita. Thanks!

Testing 206:

Art + Animation + Assets:

  • Body paint decals now added.
    • Customise your character from a collection of eleven body paint designs.
    • Tiger, Spots, Motion, Hand, Forest, Portal, Fire, Water, Brick, Energy and Feather.
    • Apply and choose the body paint tints from a wide range of colours.
    • Gleam Club members can further customise their body paints by choosing the high and low tint colours.

Crafting + Resources + Equipment:

  • Increased contrast slightly when displaying resource maps to avoid blowing out details too much, particularly in the blue range of the scale.
  • Metal and Gleam signs will now have emissive white text by default, so the text will be visible in as many light conditions as possible. Players with Gleam Club can still tint the text whatever colour they want.
  • Removed transparency from chiseled sign text texture as it didn’t give the desired visual effect.
  • Level 1 Roadrunners will now drop Adrenal Glands, and drop less Fresh Blood to compensate for the inclusion of the Adrenal Glands. This should help lower level players get into crafting more Augments and Fast Brews.

Creatures + Combat + Characters:

  • Changed the way hunger and running works. Previously running reduce your energy level based on a percentage of your max energy. This meant a player with 600 energy and a player with 6000 energy could run for the same amount of time before starving. This was rather unfair as a high energy player would need to consume far more food to run the same distance. We have now removed this scaling, and Hunger depletes at an equal rate of points for all players. Meaning Higher energy players can run for longer, but eating food will allow for the same time of running.
  • Meteorite Events will now reward players XP upon opening the prize crate at the end of the event. This XP is based off the world level, not the size of the meteorite.
    • Level 3 Worlds - 500 XP
    • Level 4 Worlds - 1800 XP
    • Level 5 Worlds - 4000 XP
    • Level 6 Worlds - 8000 XP
    • Dormant Meteorites will not reward XP.

Sanctum + Tutorial + Objectives + Progression:

  • Players can now freely cleanse skill points and reset skill pages until level 20. This is to allow players to experiment with skill builds in the early levels.
  • Added emotes for Elder during tutorial.


  • Added more descriptive secondary descriptions for improved clarity when viewing Resources in the Knowledge.
  • Added a game option to enable and disable the (F1) Debug menu.
  • Removed “(Gleam Club)” from the beacon fuel tab timer.
  • Adding info under the timer bar to show whether the player has Gleam Club protection active.
  • Disabled showing some developer-orientated debug lines when the debug menu is enabled.
  • Allowed Gleam Club members to re-tint wearables without requiring a tint kit.
  • Increased the number of locations players are able to save from 32 to 100.
  • Plants will not display drops only dropped during special events.
  • Made portal information consistent across all GUI screens.
  • Allowing players who have permissions to fuel beacons to see all the relevant beacon information.

SFX + Music:

  • Added new audio option for selecting your speaker type.
  • Mix adjustment according to audio playback and speaker preference made in the Settings menu
  • Added swim animation audio.
  • Above and underwater 3rd person swimming SFX.


  • CPU Performance improvements for the client entity system around areas with many players or many entity-blocks with large storages full of items.
  • Optimised the way lighting configurations work to reduce bandwidth when connecting to worlds and reduce lag spikes on slower machines and PS4 due to the processing of the lighting configuration data. This should improve portal opening speed.
  • Performance improvement in the client side entity-system to significantly reduce allocations caused by component updates.
  • Reduced amount of planet-markers that are tested for terrain occlusion each frame to help prevent performance drops especially when looking at a planet near the horizon with the totem equipped.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an edge-case crash that occur if walking through a portal whilst your connection to the server is really bad and you are rubber-banding badly enough to be lerping long distances just as you transition.
  • Fix an issue that could sometimes cause incorrect (too low) player counts to be reported for a world in the client (eg when looking at the player count on a warp or portal)
  • Fixed more cases where Beacon fuel timing was reported incorrectly for Gleam Club members.
  • Fixed a bug where Hoppers sometimes played their launch and landing animations twice.
  • Fixed an issue where “Trader Block Seller” objective could not be completed due to the inclusion of items not currently in the game. These tasks have been removed from the Objective.
  • Fixed status effect information closing when the character screen updates.
  • Fixed Centraforge ingredients not displaying stability and vigour stats.
  • Fixed an exploit that could cause many creatures to spawn around players. [Additional details withheld until release is Live.]
  • Fixed an issue where Module Signs would not count towards “It’s a Sign” objective.
  • Fixed natural resources not displaying the recipes they are used for in the knowledge screen.
  • Fixed an issue that caused players to wobble to a stop on slopes instead of smoothly coming to a stop. Was a side-effect of a change to resolve an impact-damage issue in the physics which is now reverted and resolved in a different way that does not cause the wobbling behaviour.
  • Fixed grammar errors in Defeat Penalty text in order to now read correctly.
  • Fixed resource maps on globes not taking into account the different drop probabilities on different tiers of worlds. The resource maps will now correctly show for instance, a higher density of coal on a level 5 world compared to a level 1 world, even if the number and distribution of coal ore blocks are the same (since on the level 5 world more coal will drop from the blocks on average).
  • Fixed resource maps not taking into account time limited events, so that spooky seeds from Halloween will no longer show up hot spots on the planets until the Halloween event next begins.
  • Fixed client crash crafting token location out of settlement in the locations screen.
  • Fixed an issue where level 3 healing bombs were healing hunger instead of energy. As we all know, you can’t eat bombs!
  • Fix memory increasing due to not cleaning up all data for predicted entities.

Testing 206.1:


  • Reduced the number of packets sent from the server to the client to reduce the probability of packet loss and reduce chance of rubber-banding.
  • Reduced amount of memory allocations during loading to improve loading performance and reduce memory fragmentation.

Testing 206.2:

  • Fixed a bug causing the Well Fed food buff to not prevent Hunger loss.
  • Prevent server crash due to accidental creature resurrection.
  • Fixed crash when hit with recovery bomb whilst exhausted.
  • Fixed a crash in the character screen when opened under water.

Definitely like the changes to running


Awesome QoL changes here! <3


Meteor EXP!! Thank you!! :smiley:


So…not craftable.


The rest is all cool.









Okay, this is all absolutely fantastic, but we all know the real winner of these patch notes…


Is this saying that L3 healing bombs are only supposed to give current energy not max energy calling it hunger? People were using these as a way to avoid eating stacks of meat because well fed buff overrides good food buffs. Now you are taking this away because it was unintended? People will not be happy.


Omg thank you!


Sad about that too. Maybe meat can restore more hunger?

Its kind of exploity, pluss the fix to running atleast means that i wont run my miner with max energy to death on the way to the store for some meat :joy:

They will prolly add some supermeat hunter soul stuff or whatevs. We hope :stuck_out_tongue: or we know. All in due time


A lot of people, myself included, were under the impression that L2-3 healing bombs were meant to heal max energy. Healing current energy is completely useless. This didn’t seem like an exploit, this felt like good design. Now the unintentional good design gets undone.More items to add to the useless pile in the game.

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Probably going to win feature of the year for this one. :swimming_man:

Nice! That’s an awesome compromise

This is huge!


It has great usage in hunts, alot of hunters are gatheres too and not all have the enegy regen epic. Thats what ive used it mostly for on my hunter.

Ive used it on my miner too, but the patch notes are correct you cant eat bombs.

And when im bulldozing around 3x3 speed dmg and fast brew. Boy needs to eat, i clear out my favourite shops meat stands all the time. Contribute to the eqonomy! :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh finally, thank you.




Awesome! With a Pie, this is actually pretty decent XP

New players won’t know the struggle! “Back in my day, we spent all of our Cubits just testing builds!” This is a really REALLY nice thing to do. It was almost a guaranteed Cubit hole for every new player, and directly causes less money to be spent on cubits.

Oh sweet sweet locations! This is the best one!"


Very excited for this new update!

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Can someone in the testing build tell us what the body paints cost?

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The energy system is a huge problem IMO. Max energy depletes so quickly that you end up having to stop and eat prime meat for 30-40 seconds at max energy, and this happens so often in things like end game mining that you will have to stop and do this once every few minutes doing end game mining. I wouldn’t have a problem with this so much if it were a quicker stop, where I could do something like pop a potion to get my max energy up but those don’t exist. Or eat a well cooked pie to restore max energy but the well fed buff overwrites the good food buffs that you want to hold for their full duration so that’s right out the window as well. Now bombs are back to not being an option. Eating 10 or so meat every 10-15 minutes is UNFUN. Why is it being considered so shatteringly game broken that we can’t have something that takes 2-5 seconds to restore energy instead of 30? All I’m asking is for something annoying an unfun to be made not an issue, and all it would take is either changing the way energy potions work, changing the way healing bombs work, or letting well fed stack with persisting and the other food buffs. Why can’t this happen?