Testing 206: Body Paint!


Seen a few posts showing 1,200 cubits per.



I was expecting, and was going to be outraged by, around 200.


Awesome QoL stuff, as usual. It’ll be interesting to see how things balance out! Thanks for the hard work, devs!


Dude listen to yourself!!!
End game complaints, how much mauntain do you mine in the meantime? I mean there has to be one downside. This is so uppclass problems its not good man.

Im also anoyyed by the wait but comeon!

If a titanium 1x1 miner saw you or me mine then here us complain about the food sustain?!


Masks cost 800 so it was going to be at least that if not more depending how big they are.


I totally understand what you are saying lol and yeah I’m first world problems here, but it’s an mmo and mmo’s live and die by their end game, and most of my guild has already moved on to other games for these reasons.


I guess my old stack of energy channel bombs is near priceless :wink:


10k per bomb 1st bid


Rediculous. I was expecting less than the masks.

It SHOULD have been craftable in game.

I’ll shut up now.


pffff :wink: 10mill more like


Testing is there for… testing. And feedback. So keep it coming.


Damn thats to bad, well im stubborne guy lol. And had some funny momens with the meat eating. I mean i use saphire hanmers with max dmg, speed and 3x3 speed buff and criticaling pie.

So i have to constanly eat 4 primes after each stamina burst. And lile 45 meats if hald of its gone lol.

Took a couple of noobs mining with me (had no auto harvest so they could just run around and pick up stuff🖖🏻 The look they gave me when ingar to eat like 30 meat before starting.

O.o «what are you doing, eating so much man…?»

«Well if your gonna mine like an anime character, then you have to eat like one»


Energybchannel bombs what are those? Still possible to make or?


The changes to energy drain (from running) in this patch should increase the amount of time you’re at Max health. At least that’s how I’m interpreting it.

Might be worth hopping on the test server if you have time, and see if it feels good to you now?


Thank you, good stuff!

Any chance of emissive body paints, do you think?

Edit: This is a good move:


This, or even ANIMATED body paints?


Sure, that’ll be 5000 cubits


I was thinking GC, but I would happily spring Cubits on those. I have a pile of non-plot alts with cubits waiting for a customisation line I’m interested in. :slight_smile:


Ill take 3!!!
One you can pour down the drain infront of the other customers.


Yes! The dream! :smiley: