Testing 206: Body Paint!


They don’t transfer between alts.

Edit: Sorry. I said I’d drop it. I just so disappointed. This is EA stuff.

Please, no more items you can’t craft in game. I’ve already bought gleam club, I’m not spending anymore and I need my cubits for plots.


Ok I’m gonna try it now!


Let me know if you still need to eat 30 steaks to get to max hunger.


Why not just eat one meaty casserole?


It overrides your buff.


Doesn’t the food that gives you the buff also fill your hunger?

What buff do you need that you can’t get from a brew?

Honest question, I haven’t messed with any of this stuff. I just learned what Well Fed did yesterday.


Persisting is the one you wanna keep for the duration and well fed overrides it.


At the higher levels it is common to deplete about 25% of your energy bar worth of hunger doing any specific thing that drains energy (running is just 1 thing that did it).

So if you have all the skills and ate a durability pie for example… when you run out of energy your hunger is at abouit 75%. So you need to eat. But if you eat another pie that costs 3k.

Therefore you have to eat steak. It’s the only food that doesn’t remove your buff. The problem is steak restores 400 hunger. This is a very small percentage of your energy bar.

It’s not uncommon to do about 45 seconds worth of mining, then have to stand there and eat like 15 steaks for 60 seconds. We were using bombs to make up for this mechanic, but I guess this was unintentional.


Ok, I’m good and confused. Lol.

I thought you got “well fed” every time your hunger bar fills.


Okay, new confusion.

Why would you do that? Just stand there and let it refill. It’s not like you can deplete your hunger bar in 45 seconds. I can go through most of an iron hammer before it drops that low.


Awesome :slight_smile:

About bomb hunger thing, I think it is fair balance since suggested forge changes aren’t coming yet to game.
I prefer eating meat and have easier forge available longer instead of eating bombs.
There has been some developer comments of changing hunger so I hope that we still get better balance with how actions reduce max energy when forge changes are coming.


Excellent - definitely curious how those changes are; won’t be able to get on until much later tonight :frowning:


Ill upload some end game mining for you tomorrow and show you.

But when you sea the amount of mountain i remove you might feel ill. Or hungry like me and my miner.
Nomnomnom ill look like a mountain after this mountain or two. :sob::joy:


When you are using a maxed out miner and speed brews your energy bar depletes quickly.
The only way to keep from eating 30-45 meat is to stop and eat five when you’re about 75% which doesn’t take long.


Ahh, ok so I can stop making them then, sigh.

Then for the love of all oortians can we have a food other than cooked meat which doesn’t remove buffs?


Because they’re using super high speed hammers, with max action speed and possibly with speed brews. With AoE hammers they’ve probably wiped out an entire mountain in the time it takes you to swing that iron hammer.

With max zeal and the triple energy epic, they will have thousands of energy that they have to slowly replenish 400 points at a time eating cooked meat, it’s a very, very slow process that will need to be repeated many times through the mining trip.


This is a problem for a VERY small percentage of miners who use 3x3/speed hammers, + a speed brew. You can almost run full speed, and the hammer swings so fast that your energy drains in a matter of 30 secs.

Personally, I think the speed vs durability debate leans towards durability for this reason.

Also, there is a Forge Boon that lowers energy drain of a weapon. So, If you are having energy problems, maybe look into that.


OR… Compressed meat? I could go for meat cube right about now.


Cubed steak. We have a winner hahaha


Its actually unrelated to forging. It’s anyone who uses gem hammers (even without a brew). It’s purely percentage based.

Also the ease boon has no effect on hunger usage.