Testing 206: Body Paint!


It just seems backwards. You should have to eat less as you get more powerful, not more.

It may take me longer, but I can practically hollow out a mountain without needing to eat.

Of course, I don’t have the energy skills. I didn’t take them because someone told me they were glitched and don’t increase how long you can go without eating.

Maybe you guys should stop maxing out your miners, lol.


Yaaaaay!!! Rawr, rawr, imma tiger! snaarrll :tiger:


Actually, I think it does. Just for giggles, I forged some zero energy drain hammers. The only hunger that I got was from running. Was able to mine like a beast. It was an experiment on a low level hammer. I didn’t try it with 3x3. Might have to give it a shot now though.

I actually think there’s not a way to reduce the energy drain to zero for really good hammers. 20 is the max you can take off. I think that means Gold/silver is the highest tier that can be reduced to zero energy drain. I’ll check next time I am in game.


I nearly killed myself with a 3x3 shovel with the ease boon (it was 4 energy use though… maybe it glitches at 0). I got so hungry that I didn’t have enough energy left to throw a bomb.

It was pretty funny… I had to break some dirt to find a yam.


I don’t have anything more to add to this thread… I just want to say I’m SO happy to see so many pants here.

Give pant.


Different tools require more energy to use. I empty a stamina bar to starving in just a few minutes with diamond hammers.

Edit because of dur moment


Maybe I am not remembering it right. Perhaps hunger doesn’t work the way I think. Time to experiment again.


Get out. Putting animated body paints as a free feature would be the only reason I ever purchased gleam club again. This needs to happen. I’ll purchase a year of gleam club now.


Lerping is a fantastic word for that experience. Why, just the other day I was lerping around Finata, trying desperately to escape back to a lag-free zone. :rofl:



\o/\o/ \o/o/\o/ \o/

\o/ \o/ \o/o/\o/ \o/
\o/\o/ \o/o/\o/ \o/ \o/o/

\o/ \o/\o/ \o/o/\o/ \o/ \o/o/ \o/ \o/o/\o/ \o/
\o/\o/\o/\o/ \o/o/\o/ \o/ \o/o/ \o/o/\o/ \o/ \o/
\o/ \o/ \o/o/\o/\o/ \o/o/\o/ \o/ \o/o/\o/ \o/
\o/\o/ \o/o/\o/ \o/ \o/o/\o/\o/ \o/o/\o/ \o/ \o/o/

so excited


Very nice so far! All of these updates seem great! Plus more content! Awesome!

Really looking forward to the Paints, Changes to Running, and Locations! Very nice!

Not worried about the bomb change… it seemed clearly intended for current energy rather than hunger. As for body paints… depends on the pricing. So long as its not crazy, I’m good with it. 800 seems a good standard honestly.


“Lighting configuration” omg thank you!! I was just about to make a post bout how light assests are heavy and people are building towers and vaults out of them, should solve alot of my ps4 issues. Thank you!! I cant wait.


Body paint


Ty for doing that!


I didn’t realize test server will wipe what ever assets we had before? And is it just me or F1 isn’t working?


It does. You have to go into settings > debug menu now.


Aaaaaahhh!!! They’re all so awesome! Now I’m conflicted by which one I’m gonna want!!

…might just have to change weekly. :grin: throws money at WS


Although I may have suggested this in pre-release before, and I do not know if the situation has remained the same; but if the limit to the number of saved locations is due to the fact that they are being saved on a server-side database, wouldn’t the limitation be easy(er) to remove (almost) entirely if the location list was stored client-side? I suppose if you changed the machine you were playing from there might not be a good way to keep track of what old locations were, but I can think of ways around that… Either way, it’s not like a locally kept list of locations could be hacked somehow to any great advantage, assuming that is one concern; in fact why can’t custom and remote positions be stored currently, anyway?

Some more technical explanations for the current limitations would be welcome too, either way. :slight_smile:


Nice job on the paints! Those are looking cool!


you can warp to your locations, if locations were not authenticated you could just arbitrarily warp anywhere on any world