Testing 206: Body Paint!


Ah, that does make a lot of sense actually, didn’t think of that circumstance, thank you for that. :slight_smile: The new extended limit is still very much appreciated.


So… no word on footfall changes?


Yay!!! So exciting :slight_smile:. Finally get to buy those paints!!


Oh my lord…


Just jump on the testing servers and test out what paint you want and the color scheme so you can spend that 1,200 cubit without regret.


PS4 doesn’t have that option though. Wish it did.

Is it possible to access the test server on steam without having to buy the game there as well?


Hey, I’m trying to have a life here!
Another great update. Thank you.


Sorry, no.



Technically you can eat anything you like, Rather or not it is hazardous to your health is a different matter.

but with that aside, rather or not we are eating the bomb or not, doesn’t matter. A magical bomb is able to heal someone from critical HP via magic, but that same magic also can not be used to remove hunger? Healing wounds is a hell of a lot harder then removing hunger. So this response, while witty, makes no sense whatsoever logically.

This is worded in a way that is slightly confusing for me as I am not sure if you intend what you said at face value or something was left out, you mention running, alot here. are you trying to say this change is only applied to the act of running? What about swings from tools? or anything else that uses energy? Is a miner still going to have to eat an inordinate amount of food to be able to keep his and/or her max energy bar high? or doses this change apply to everything and not just running?

If the above means, that using items is still going to cause us to lose energy at an insane rate because we have the energy epic. Then this is a hard nerf, As it stands right now, Lv3 healing bombs is the only way to keep high energy values manageable. the 500 units of food from the cooked prime meat is not good enough. not even close, you have to eat one like every 20 seconds. to try to keep the max bar topped off while mining.

So if the above doesn’t fix the problem for ALL uses, not just running, then this “issue” as you call it needs to remain. Or you need to add a new food that can be cooked that gives back 1000 or 1500 or 2000 units BEFORE you nerf the Lv3 bombs and this food can not have some other buff on it that will overwrite the current food buff you have.


Then just remove the energy epic and be done with it. the 5 skill point investment should be a bonus, not something that is annoying. Or something where it is more of a bonus to not have it, then to have it. Because what they seem to say, if you take it at face value only, is that this epic is only good for people who like to run alot. I don’t see any around the world race events going on. so I feel this is kind of useless. is this epic really just for people who want to keep the shift key held down for longer? Even if you are out collecting overworld plants you are often going to stop for a moment to collect.

And rather or not that is intended or not for people to effortlessly clear large areas. Is speculation. I don’t understand why people seem to have a problem with the idea of T5 and T6 world terrain being cleared at an high rate. We will have T7 and T8 worlds which the devs can very easily design in such a way, that what happens on the T5 and T6 worlds, can never happen again on the T7 or T8 world if they choose to do so.


Block HP could be a lot higher. What one shots on a T6 world, may take 4 or 5 swings on a T8 for example or whatever it is they want it to be at.

They could add an global environmental effect that interferes with or dampens some types of forged effects on items while you are on that world.

They can make it so that the new tier of weapons and tools are a hell of a lot harder to forge and therefore make getting high AoE on that item a lot harder, by making it such that, even with max power on the forge and fully spec’ed char for forging, your effectiveness will never reach 100% with that grade of tool.

There are other ways i’m sure, thoses are the ones that come off the top of my head. and I am sure most of them are not perfect either.

If T8 worlds are supposed to be the top of the line (they never will add T9/T10 and so on) then I can see the devs pushing the difficultly values for those worlds quite high, such that the difficulty jump between the T6 and T7 world is a lot larger then the jump between a T5 and T6


I jumped on the test severs to check out the new body paints and i noticed that abdominal area of the fire body paint seemed weird. Is that intended because it seems like there should be a gradient there inbetween the mid and high tint similar to the feets?


I think it seems intentional.

Some are blended well (legs), some are more abrupt (stomach & wrists)


What about when using a loot magnet? Will we still get the XP or will we have to actually break it open? No big deal but would be good to know.

Awesome looking update, guys! Looking forward to seeing it go live.


Tools and weapons always used a fixed amount of energy, there is no change here. The problem was from walking/running where the hunger was reduced based on a % of the max energy.


The tools used a fixed amount of energy yes, but the amount of max energy drained, seems to be quite a bit larger with the energy epic then with out. to the point that with the epic, i felt like i was spending allmost as much time eating food as I was mining, I never noticed such with out the energy epic. So either there is a problem. Or I encountered some kind of illusion.


Well, it’s an old bug, you can follow the topic here. Hunger when you get epic energy skill
And even without the bug this is the reason I don’t have the epic. without the epic I’m fine with a meaty casserole from time to time but with the epic I found myself eating three of them and it looks like more time. Not to mention that you lose the buf for the first two.


Yes, okay, it was seriously weird! When I first used a bomb for just that I started thinking this:
“Please, please, kind sir, can you spare some food, I’m so hungry. Please!”
throws bomb
“but here’s a bomb instead”
“but… oh, thank you so much!”
“don’t give food, bomb 'm!”

So I agree that it needed to change, I also felt rather weird that in front of my own Noms 'n More with all kinds of foods I threw a bomb at my feet instead of eating! :joy:

But it really, really is annoying as all heck to have to eat 4000 meat every 2 seconds while mining!

  • Can there be a brew (or a change in a brew) of the instant kind that gives max energy?
  • Or a food other than cooked meat that gives more than 400 energy WITHOUT removing any food buffs?
  • Or that the Well Fed buff doesn’t remove any other food buffs kinda like the instant brews do?

I find it so weird that I always have a stack of loafs with me but once I eat a specialty pie/loaf they suddenly become useless and have to resort to cooked meat…


How is this more weird then bombs being used for healing, when bombs are supposed to be destructive by nature.

We have bombs for healing
We have bombs for debuff reduction.
We have bombs for terrain regeneration.
Why is a bomb for Max Energy any more odd?


Okay cool! Gimme a PC and Boundless for it and I will! :joy: