Testing 206: Body Paint!


I believe the best solution would be if ‘Well Fed’ didn’t override another food buff so we can eat any of the foods we have on us that only do just that…

This way I might actually sell some earthyams/meat/starberry pies finally! :smiley:


Now that just makes too much sense. So it most likely wont happen based on how i see most game devs run things.

Jokes aside, it would be nice if they did that.


It’s probably also the easiest to implement quickly :wink:


The new testing planet copies are lovely! (Did you notice they show the players/settlements of their Live equivalents on warp totem view?)

Saw some stuff I’ve not seen on Live. Does anyone know if any of the current planets have an ice biome with frost-topped (ice blocks above foliage blocks) trees as I saw on testing last night?

Edit: btw in various scenarios the performance improvements felt noticeable!


nice bug fix


Any way to try testing servers and use the regular game on the same computer?


Yeah you open Properties of Boundless in Steam. Then go to Betas, select testing from the drop down. It will update (small update). Play. When done, go back just switch the drop-down back to Live and it’ll update again.

Unless you mean at the same time which I’ve not tried but presumably would need 1x Steam Boundless license and 1x non-Steam Boundless license.


Looking into it right now, this is not how that body paint should look.


They could call it Red Bull :stuck_out_tongue:


No it makes perfect sense.
If you drive the same distance with a car going 60kmh or 120kmh it will use more fuel on the same stretch driving in 120kmh even though it takes half the time.

Also strong heavy muscled people need more food then limpy ones.

A buldozer need more fuel then a car etc.


Lol, not something I would ever buy at that price.
I wont buy current cosmetics at 800.’
2-300 max would sit about right

Will be interesting to see what the price ends up being


Still need to get an “Iron Brew” in the game…


So the Well Fed Buff no longer prevents hunger… it just slows it down :cry:


@james Can you please urgently consider getting a fix for footfall into the patch? The consequences of fearing to fix it is much worse than the consequences of any fix you could make. By delaying its fix you are creating an artificial depression that is negatively impacting everyone.


Now if you could something about hunger when when we go mining should we be able to use the whole energy bar at least once before we need to eat


Started using ruby hammers because of the energy drain and however that causes hungry to deplete. Seems to make my hunger last longer using ruby hammers.


I think they’re on it, but maybe not able to get a fix in for this patch:


Meat pie and persisting pie buffs at the same time. This would be great


well seems so,
but i can understand the decision.
since its pure cosmetic its fine when its exchange only.


@james is there a chance that you could fix this for fall damage too? Currently it works by percentage. This means a player with 1200 health and a player with 12000 health can fall the same distance and receive wildly different damage. This is rather unfair as a high health player would need to consume far more healing items to regain hitpoints from the same fall distance. In addition the fall damage reduction skill does NOT operate by percentage, making it useless to high health players.