Testing 206: Body Paint!


This really needs a fix


This sounds like a really fantastic QoL update with a little bit of fun content smattered in. Thanks!


The <3 button doesn’t adequately emphasise how much I second this.


For people complaining, this is to give more value to cooked meat. It makes people have to use food. It is a smart move, and none of you would complain if it was already like that. Just be glad you played the game early, and got a small advantage new players will never have.


It would be great if we didn’t attack people pointing out something that doesn’t make any sense gameplay wise. Mining for 60 seconds and then eating for 45 seconds doesn’t feel great.

The devs acknowledged this in a different thread, and said they would like to fix it. It’s a valuable feedback loop, and calling it complaining isn’t helping anyone.


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They fixed the stamina drain issue so you shouldn’t need to eat nearly as much.


The more powerful someone is they need more fuel to energize irl so it does make sense that the more powerful your character is they will need more food


but now your stamina drains when you have the well fed buff…


MAYBE for 60 cubits. 200 if you can use it on all alts.

There is already gleam club. Additional monetization is rediculous.


After testing it looks like there was more of a rework to hunger than the notes contain.

So mining no longer drains your max hunger by a percentage. You can mine for a good bit of time before having to eat which is so nice. You wont have to eat tons of steak any more. I was able to mine for at least 5 minutes before needing to eat. VERY NICE.

I noticed a new bug. When you are running and using your hammer the animation either doesn’t play, or it stutters. The mining action still happens, so the hammer still breaks blocks and your action gets drained, it just causes the animation for the hammer to not work properly. On live servers the animation seems to work properly.


I actually noticed this on live last night as well. Was running back to my base to drop off rock while under speed brew and hit my hammer while I was running to check on beacons that might be going out and I saw the permissions warning and heard the sounds but no animation


Oh good catch. Yeah I guess I never noticed it on live.

I did check though a moment ago and it seemed to be working. So this looks like an intermittent bug then.


It very well could be … I’ll try and get some video of it later tonight


Well, now we need food that can safely restore more energy without overriding a food buff. This sucks


We’ll get it next patch


Disagree with this. There is very little monetisation and cosmetics is an ideal area to put it. GC is cheap.


Agree here. I’m good with optional cosmetic upgrades.


On live: If you hold down the mouse button while at 0 stamina, once the hammer starts swining again (after stam regens), the animation tweaks out. If you let go while stam regens, it’s ok


That doesn’t say it’s a guarantee though @Simoyd

Ross said if he can squeeze something in he will, so lets hope he can.