Testing 206: Body Paint!


They reworked hunger so you won’t need to eat as much steak in general.

I know so far that it applies to running. It also apply’s to using tools.

1 steak got me at least 5 minutes of mining.


No. Gleam club is cheap if this was F2P.

And I’d grudgingly find the paid cosmetics reasonable if the prices were. This isn’t even in the same realm as reasonable. Putting it in real money terms, a doller for one alt, three dollars to share among all alts. Anything more is rediculous


The problem with this is you can earn the in game currency that also costs real money fairly fast at times or with certain methods and unless they removed this option in order to make the cosmetic items cost money only with no other way to get them then they probably feel they need to be a higher price.


I still thought it was cheap but horses for courses. Regarding cosmetic prices, it’s exactly what I expected when they were announced given my experience of microtransactions in other games.


They are comparatively cheap to most other games that monetize from cosmetics:



That doesn’t make the prices reasonable. No one can tell me with a straight face that some body paint is worth 40 plots.


So the justification is other companies have even more horrid practices, so it’s okay?

Microtransactions are not okay. They will never be okay.


I was simply stating that they are cheap compared to the rest of market. Since both servers and developers cost money every month, how would you propose the game be funded?


Gleam club.

NMS has a large player base, giant servers to maintain and a small team.

Not once have they ever charged for anything other than the base game. If they can do it, everyone else can, too.


Then lets agree to disagree. Boundless doesn’t have nearly the audience NMS has (10x less right now, in fact - even after their huge PR disaster). NMS also does not host servers.

I like my developers well fed. That way they continue to improve the game and don’t leave for other companies. Lets hope for both our sakes that more people are willing to give them money, or we’ll be out of developers to make the game better :wink:


I’m pretty sure they do. The entire universe is online and nothing regenerates.

But, fair enough. We disagree.


Epic. :smile:


Agree. I said from the beginning that 800 cubits for a mask seemed wierd relative to a functional aspect like plots. So I’m not surprised that it’s 1200 for body paint. But all experience had shown that players will pay a silly amount for cosmetics. Remember spooky seeds? People paid silly amounts for it

I really don’t care as cosmetics isn’t my thing so I’m not affected. But if players continue to pay for it then companies will sell it at these prices


My annoyance with the industry as a whole is clouding my perspective, and I get that. I just have to accept that my dude it going to run around in his skivvies. I refuse to contribute to this type of behavior. The fact that I actually laid down money to gleam club is a testament to how much I love this game.


Lol, believe that, do ya?

They’ve earned it.


I salute you. Vote with your wallet


You are missing the little part about how sales have jumped more than enough to compensate. Sales of an indy game today far exceed sales of triple a games just 15 years ago.

The increasing move to digital distribution has also dramatically lowered costs.

Listen, I’m not bagging on Wonderstruck. They have done an excellent job. But have a subscription service or charge for cosmetics, don’t do both.

At least have in game cosmetics as well as the fancy paid ones. That’s something all MMOs have.


whats even worse is when you convert that to $$$ i think a single body paint works out to about 14$ CDN with the masks being 6$ and that des not include the tint kit you may need to buy to change the color of the paint so add a extra 2$ ontop of that

body paint aside tho still a really good update for early game players


You don’t have to pay money. You can just mass craft like 200 stacks of rock… That’s probably what 5 hours of play to gather and grind?

Also if it’s too expensive wouldn’t you just choose not to buy it now.

Heck even if you didn’t want to buy it immediately, you’ll likely have more than enough cubits over time, even if you just saved 10% of them for that purpose, right?


Part of this, too, is the fact that those cubits also can buy real, tangible, in game items (plots) that affect gameplay. It just seems kind of backwards to me that the thing that might be called P2W is like 30 cents each, but it’s $12 per to look pretty.