Testing 206: Body Paint!


Just want to chime in on the whole body paint cost. I’m perfectly fine with it. I earned 900 Cubits yesterday just building and crafting, and I’ll continue to make Cubits for simply playing the game.

You don’t need to drop money on these items, the currency can be earned in-game.

As for paid cosmetics; they’re cosmetic. If you don’t want them, don’t buy them. I respect people voting with their wallets; and it’s exactly what I do every time I make a transaction. I have nothing against having a means to throw money at the games and developers I love.


You know what guys, for my part, I’m going to stop this conversation here.

I’ve said my piece and why I’m disappointed. This has already gone on longer than I intended.

I’m just going to shut it down now and not belabor the point. The industry is what it is.


@biv you’re perfectly entitled to express your opinion and reasoning for that, so thanks for feeding back. Others are right about the cost of game development, but that doesn’t mean you’re wrong about how you feel about it - your perspective is valid.


I agree with you 100%, but I think it isn’t quite that simple. Yes, if you’re at the very end game and have all the plots you could ever want, who cares. But I think it’s kind of feel-bad for someone who doesn’t have all the plots they could want, who has paid $40-100 for the game already (plus maybe gleam club), and then gets hit with a $12 price tag for body paint to make their character look unique, and they have to unlock it separately for each alt they have.

I will be voting with my wallet and not buying any, this isn’t a complaint about that, it just feels… I don’t want to say exploitative, but like I’m dealing with a used car salesman.


That’s the price model this game has chosen. They need it to be successful it seems. Theyre clearly looking at ways to increase their revenue stream so they can continue to be employed and deliver a better game experience to us.

People can vote with their wallets or their playtime ultimately. I can say for me personally Im happy to pay for the gleam club if these kinds of things are included with it or the tint kits become free, etyc something a long those lines.


They removed tint kits for gleam club in this test version. Big ups for WS on that one.


Previously tint kits did were not free to gleam club members.

This makes it sound as if they have changed that. Are you saying it still requires buying a kit for gleam club members?


I suppose you are right. I thought about getting gleam club as I do love the game and $5 a month is functionally nothing, but it still didn’t seem to me like value-for-money was there. Body paint seems like a natural fit for a gleam club perk (one a month, maybe, or just access to body paint if you have an active subscription). If the game’s base customization were better I likely wouldn’t bat an eye either. It’s just the combination of all these other revenue streams + high price point + it’s the only way to make your character stand out = grumpy Lennon.

I do hope this generates the revenue they hope for, though.


I dont disagree with you there. I definitely feel there should be more offerings under the gleam club umbrella. As it currently stands I don’t have it purchased due to lack of a reason.


No, no. I meant what you quoted. Gleam club members no longer require tint kits. Very good thing.


And if I didn’t make myself clear earlier, this update looks great. Lots of tasty treats.


Value for money on Gleam club would be the first one. I don’t know what they would need to add, but it needs to be more than “Your beacons don’t need fuel and you get a few more plots.” They could even raise the cost of gleam club to $8 or $10 monthly assuming the value is there. Cosmetics as they currently stand would need to be much cheaper for me to buy ($5 per is likely my upper limit if they are character bound).

This is going to be super divisive, and maybe not what the game wants, but honestly, I’d pay for some sort of “resource booster” or something. Like, you pay a few dollars, pick an item, and for the next X time (pick your time frame, maybe multiple ones for different time windows, so like 30 minutes, hour, 2 hours) all blocks/things of the family that drop what you selected can drop your item (so gems could drop from rocks, plant material from any plant, sap/bark on any tree on any world, etc). No idea how you balance this, but I’m a big proponent of mechanics that let me spend money instead of time assuming they don’t turn the game P2W.


You’re right. The game would probably hate that, I wouldn’t though. People could choose to spend their free cubits on boosters or plots etc. but you then run in to an issue of p2w as you alluded to.

Oh well :upside_down_face:


I would happily pay cubits for extra inv space… a LOT of it lol


Didn’t think about that. Yeah, I’d pay some amount of money for inventory pages/a backpack/w/e to hold more stuff.


Or a pet/minion that defended you or carried more for you.

Oh man we should probably stop. We’re going to ask them to put all the worst things about p2w in to Boundless before we’re done haha


How about cubits for a name change? :wink:


I would really rather be able to craft backpacks


As would I, but I would also pay for them if offered and not absurdly priced.


This is entirely p2w suggestion