Testing 206: Body Paint!


I do, yes. Games still cost the same as 25 years ago even tho everything else has gotten more expensive. Besides just that games nowadays are much, much more complex and thus indeed are more expensive to make than back then. Those are simple facts.

Usually when I bring this up someone is going to mention that back then gaming was more of a niche thing to do so the amount of units sold was way less as well and thus the profit too. Even tho I still believe my above statement for AAA (and most) games, one can’t deny that Boundless is not a game that sells by the bucketloads…

And there is it!!!

Argument doesn’t work on a niche game like Boundles…


I am one of the firm believers that they didn’t lie. Lying means, to me, that they did say something false on purpose and don’t think he did it on purpose. Also when you look back to how he reacts and says it you can kinda see he isn’t exactly sure that is gonna make it into the game.
Besides, I never ever expected multiplayer in a game as vast as NMS, I found the idea crazy. I got the game I expected for about 95% (in short, the standing with the races didn’t matter at all, the centre of the galaxy surprise was a let down)…


I prefer to have a mount/some form of transportation with lots of storage space!

Tho both would be beter :smiley:


It is worth 40 plots… (4 lv50+) to those that don’t build very much… which was the whole point of the exchange in the first place… why force plots on players that don’t want them / have a use for them? Let them do something else with their level rewards =)


So “you dont eat bombs” is all your reasoning here? Well bombs dont heal or regenerate the world either but that’s in here… Yes the bombs totally needed to be more useless…


You may be right. I feel like there is design space that could be balanced with the concept in mind, but it would certainly have ramifications in the economy, for sure. More broadly, I would just emphasize that things that can be bought that serve as using money to replace game time are not P2W by definition (Plots, for example) and any more that can be added to the game are things I may spend money on as I have considered doing with plots already.


Still not a fan of te multiplayer additions tho, in any case I got the game I wanted and now with all the updates it’s even better. One of the few games I platinumed on the PS4.

And after the previous to last update and putting in another 500 hours into NMS it suddenly hit me that I like to build in games, so NMS is the indirect reason I’m here now! :smiley:

(tho admittantly I already was interested in Boundless when I saw the announcement for PS4 a few years back, but forgot about it, NMS made me remember, but not the name, I searched for it, couldn’t find it, then the next week I see and article/mention/something about Boundless, have a look, see it’s the game I was searching for and see that it would come out 10 days later!)


But not everyone agrees with this and so it makes absolute business sense to offer both. You please those who like either and those who like both and those who just want to keep giving money because it helps.


TAKE ALL MY MONEY :dollar::dollar::dollar:


Just to reiterate our stance on Bounless monetisation, James did this post a while back. TLDR we love keeping this game big and interconnected, but servers have running costs, and constantly providing new features and content has team costs. Unlike traditional MMOs, we didnt want to fracture the playerbase with forced subscription fees or paid DLC content which means everyone can enjoy Boundless in its current state, and thank you to the people that do purchase Gleam club and the cosmetics who let us keep that dream going! :heart:


3 possible sets of 8 more inventory slots at 200 cubits per slot. Just sayin’. :wink:


I think it should scale (as it gets easier to get cubits at higher levels).

So 50 cubits, 1st row
100 2nd etc…

And if the devs are taking this in, the inventory should be huge, sortable, tabbed. The sorting should be client side, and open to modding (this would save you a LOT of work for people needing certain sorting types for their self appointed professions)

…and don’t limit the amounts… I’d prefer to lose my storage space externally, and be able to work on the spot… let us be agile :wink:


100 save points, THANK YOU!

Body Paint , thank you!

Gleam club re-tinting clothes, Thank You!

Nothing in all the list is bad. Thank You dev’s.


And, in reflection, I may have overreacted a bit. Frankly, you guys DON’T have oppressive monetization and I think my frustration with the industry as a whole manefested in this thread at your expense.

Boundless is NOT pay to win and you guys are dedicated to making sure it stays that way. That’s not a small thing.

I guess I’m just too old school for my own good…back when things like cosmetics were the rewards you got from playing instead of trophies or achievements.

So please take my negative comments with a grain of salt.


super happy about this!! :smiley:

this is also very cool!

WOOHOO!! Thank you!!! :smiley:


Very excited for body paint, I’m saving up the cubits to get one when the patch hits! It’s gonna be hard choosing one! <3 And def gonna grab another month of gleam club to make the colors fancy.

Also the meteorite XP thing sounds fantastic too!


Astonishing right? If memory serves me, customization was a big talking point years ago when I backed the game. Now all we get are these ugly characters and some glitter to throw on the ■■■■ for more money.

Devs, your game is hardly worth $40, let alone more.


how would you monetarize an mmo over a long period of time?

im pretty sure the game zaxxon have ben sold like a factor of 100 compared to boundless, and that in a time where everybody had tons of coppied floppies around.

and now quess what the price of this game was on release.

bit respect for this, most ppl are not able to reflect or change theyr mind!

lets all enjoy that game^^


Updated OP with detail of Testing 206.1 update.


Awesome! I hope this helps mitigate some of the recent connection troubles that have been popping up