Testing 206: Body Paint!


Awesome! I hope this helps mitigate some of the recent connection troubles that have been popping up


Awesome. I’ll try and simulate some packet loss against the test server later today and see what’s to see.


I’m sad… So sad…



Was hoping for some new stuffs today, haha…


Update is currently waiting on approval from PlayStation.

Clarification on footfall and prestige needed
Boundless on Nintendo Switch?

@James What about P.C? Don’t need approval there.


Cross platform means all platforms at same time :blush:


PC and server updates are ready to deploy.



I got Senpai’s approval. :scream:


@james can we get patch notes while we wait?


And we all know bombs blow things up, not fixes them. So get rid of world regen and healing bombs too…


Added additional to OP about increased Adrenal Gland drops:


The notes listed in this thread are the release notes.

Sure - we’ll consider it. Thanks!


We all know that you can’t portal across the universe. Lets get rid of those too.

We all know that you can’t make hammers out of gems. Lets get rid of those too.

We all know that this is a game and it’s supposed to be fun. Lets get rid of that too.


Exactly my point, but i cant tell if you’re being sarcastic towards me lol @Cstpn00

While you’re at it make bombs do more damage so theyre useful for hunting and not just making holes lol @james


Good stuff.


To be honest I can’t tell either.


I think he wants the game to be more challenging as well. Thanks James


When facts become sarcasm, we’ve lost a lot.


Dang it @pofs you just HAD to say something! Next bomb nerf is on your head! /s


Well at least this is when bounties will be introduced into the game :grimacing: