[Suggestion] Better Food


In the next update, regenerating the hunger bar through bombs will no longer be possible:

As such, can we get craftable food that restores more than 500 hunger at a time that dosen’t offer any other effects, so max energy characters don’t have to spend so long eating?

As it stands other foods override the effects of persisting pies, therefore having more food options would help alleviate this issue.

Alternatively, you could also allow the well fed buff to stack with other buffs, which would also solve this issue.


All I want, really.


They changed the way how hunger works. Guess it depends on how fast the fixed rate is now compared to the old system - which was really annoying.

Better food is always nice, but i don’t think that buffs should stack.

Edit: I hope that they changed the whole hunger system and not only the way how it works for running.


As I mentioned in the announcement thread I feel this is overal the best solution. We can use the loafs/pies/etc. we have on us in way more situations than before which would be good for my food business! :smiley:


I’m sure it’s an unpopular opinion, but I don’t think this is a good design decision. This turns “well fed” buff into an annoying maintenance task rather than a meaningful decision between other valuable buffs.
Granted, having to eat 30 steaks is a far greater annoyance… but would you ever eat anything that DIDN’T grant the well fed buff (besides other buff food) if you could have both of these buffs active at once? I think having a high energy buffless food is the best design decision over all.


I agree. Higher energy buffless food is my preference also. I jokingly mentioned compacted steak in another thread. Although that concept is kind of ludicrous, the base principal seems sound. We need buffless foods that can be “compacted” like the way coal is compacted, giving more energy per unit used and affected by the bulk and mass crafting bonuses. All basic foods should work like this: starberries, lamella, earthyams, and all the forms of meat.


So like… Hamburger?
Actually I like the concept. Can process steak, or even various steaks into a mixed meat patty and add other ingredients to make a more energy dense meal, while also adding moderate complexity to basic food crafting. I’m not saying to make it outrageous, but something that grants more energy than the sum of it’s ingredients is a very straight forward and well balanced option that’s not yet been discussed.


I don’t mind spending time eating with Max energy skills.

The problem was the frequency increased.

If the patch made it so I have to eat at the same rate as the lower energy, then I am happy.


Just to let you know, I have a task to look into this and will jump on it when I can. We have a busy next release in terms of new content along with our ongoing investigations into Footfall and Forging, but i will try and squeeze something in as soon as I get a wee bit of spare time! :meat_on_bone::stuffed_flatbread::hamburger::tumbler_glass:

Testing 206: Body Paint!
Testing 206: Body Paint!

But it already isn’t a meaningful choice; if you have buff food you use it and never use well fed food. I don’t see how eating a persisting pie and then a single Meatloaf or w/e is an annoying maintenance task but having to eat 30 steaks every 2 minutes isn’t.


i assume this is something maybe related to farming later?
like the better foods need farming items or something


If you know you intend to balance food in that manner at a later time, would the team consider leaving the energy cap heal from bombs in the game until a solution is found? The phrase “As we all know, you can’t eat bombs!” could go right along with “As we all know, you can’t eat 30 Wildstock T-bones in one sitting!” I’m totally fine with removing the hunger bombs if it’s simultaneously replaced with a comparable solution, maybe a tier 1.5 food like “Seasoned” Raw Meat and Prime Meat; combine steaks with salt in the mixer to create Seasoned Raw Meat/Prime (cook it for double the energy recovery effectiveness?). Cook Seasoned Raw Meat/Prime with Butter in the furnace for an even more effective (and tasty) steak? :heart_eyes: Thanks for taking the time, we know you’re all busy.


Challenge accepted. Hold my beer.


Fixed that for you


Thanks. For this I’ll need all the strength I can get!


That’s great!

But please tell me that either release 207 will include something new already to replace the bombs OR that you hold off on nerfing those bombs until you had time to look at the food balance.

Because removing the bomb hunger effect with nothing to replace it will make me a really unhappy camper! To put it mildly…


Just make it so Well Fed is a low-tier buff that doesn’t override high tier buffs :man_student:


This, to me, is the money.


As a food shop owner, I would hate for well-fed food buffs to stack with other buffs. The less often you guys eat, the less food I sell! The edible bombs have alredy made everything other than prime meat, teaching and persisting pies in my shop drop in trade volumes.

Secondly, having no hunger effect, taking reduced tool damage AND whacking away at max speed seems like it will open up a whole new can of OP worms…

When you build, you use well fed foods. When you craft, XP is best. Floating foods are… for… uhm, spleef games?

At the moment, when mining, you need to choose between saving wear on your tools, gaining extra XP, increasing your max energy or having no hunger drop.Those are the food choices you have. Persisting pie makes the most sense when using expensive tools, but should not be taken for granted / as a basic right. If the annoyance of eating 50 steaks every 5 minutes gets to you, you should possibly think about slowing down on those speed brews? or keep eating persisting pies, they are like 2.5k each and fill 4k hunger… Or eat your luxury meat pie then follow it with persisting?

I would love if we could have all brews and foods stack indefinitely, then I could earn double XP without wearing down my tool at insane speeds… but that is pretty much a creative mode digital version of digging through a bag full of lego’s for me, and almost as entertaining.

The energy drain fix should improve on the rate of drop for high energy players. The idea of “compacted” foods sounds really workable. And yes Havoc when farming comes I want to be able to make real brgrs, not this meat loaf abomination!

TL/dr - stacking will likely lead to OP balance issues, rather give us better food than chnging what we have to super foods!


I’ve often though it seems strange that better foods don’t give the well fed buff plus additional benefits; and that constantly eating during mining/gathering is simply a less fun experience than not constantly eating!

However @Prome3us has just about convinced me that a harder choice in what food to eat makes the game more interesting for both producer and consumer of food! Something like compacted earthyam energy bars and meat jerky could improve QoL for high energy activities and add more complexity to food crafting rather than simplifying it.