Scheduled Update - 21st November, 10:00 UTC - Body Paints are coming - COMPLETE


I love this! 10:00am UTC is 4:00am where I’m at. So I’m rarely awake by the time it’s finished. Keep up the AMAZING WORK guys/gals!!!

Forget all the complaining going on. Keep your heads up high, cause no one can take away your love for this wonderful game!

Thank you so much!!


Updated OP with details of the completed release.



@james Meat pies broken - the energy bar depletes (pre-patch stayed up top for full duration). And energy consumption seems the same as pre-patch?


ok, is this intended to allow other meals to give well fed buff?


Can´t cobnnect since this patch… Error 3


Thanks for the update really like the look of the paint


Paints are cool. hate the nerf on food tho, i dont like eating every 2 minutes when doing stuff. This makes high grade food useless.


What they did something to food


Yes well fed doesnt stop hunger, just decrease its rate


Well that a little annoying


But what ya gonna do🤷‍♂️
We can’t have everything I guess


Since theres an announcement for an update tomorrow can we get some patch notes please


James updated the original Testing 206 Post…


That’s it lol


Yea, it is exactly what was asked for.


Yeah an hour down for 4 bug fixes. Totally worth it lol.


It’s what is known as a ‘Hotfix’. They’re quite common in games and fix issues that arise after a scheduled update. It’s either they fix the issues now and push out the ‘Hotfix’ or wait until next week and we put up with the Bugs until then.

Which would you prefer?


I’m just happy the food buff is fixed! Hammers out dudes!


I’m entitled to my opinion as are you. You dont have to like it