Seeking big post with many schematicish renders of world builder biomes

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I can’t find the post that had tier 1-7 biomes rendered under hideable lists (which this forum software then ignores during a word search, harrumph harrumph) — I’m burning up a lot of time for the second (at least) day of looking for it and can’t tell the difference between something simply not being there verses the extra special topology of my brain obsfucating what’s in front of me but doesn’t want me to find it… h3lpm30b1kn0b1yrmy0n13h0p3

I do believe you are looking for this World Builder Pre-built Biome Preview


omg thank you!

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Love the star wars quote!

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i stole it from a friend who was writing while very high many many aeons ago when that sorta thing went on

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You’re absolutely right! No one writes anymore haha!

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Posts like that, I recommend using the bookmark feature

I had to find it first!