Selling lattice chisels, new glass & AoE shovels/hammers

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Seraph Store is selling glass panes, regular glass, lattice chisels, AoE tools and more!
Accessible through Portal Seekers shopping hub Lamblis signs for 'Trickyy’s Seraph Store’
Portal to the Secret Forge is in my shop

Some strong cherry exo glass in there! Looks amazing!

Ive also started a little brick stall in my courtyard (take the portal to Home Tree from the Store, and then the Courtyard portal)

And ive just opened a portal to the wonderful and magnificently created Treasure Hunt
If you haven’t given this a go yet definitely go check it out! Its expertly made and truly beautiful in there… Plus prizes!


I would like a portal to that amazing place


Sorry I stole your showpiece glass, missed out on getting much of that gleam myself :smiley: So thankyou, it does look awesome!


Ive plenty so will craft some more up :smiley: it does make for lovely glass!


if you have enough materials to make up some of the ornate I’ll be keen to buy 100 of that.


Yeah sure, ill set it crafting when i get online. May not be until tomorrow though


No problem. If I’m not around when you do make it then don’t wait for me, I can live without I’m sure. I’ve only got one more day off and then I do my disappearing act and go to work for 5 days.


Ill see what i can do :slight_smile:


Thankyou :slight_smile:


Treasure hunt is awesome! I didn’t find any treasure, but I had this exact idea for a 3d maze of sorts with treasure. I love it! @Ratchel @Kaplah

unfortunately I am very lost and will have to warp home in shame.


I spent about 45 mins in there. I found 3 secrets! Now i have this portal linked up i am determined to find all 80… Even if it takes me the rest of the year!


You just have to explore and dig semi randomly right?


I didnt dig, think it says in the instructions you won’t need to… iirc
Lots cleverly hidden passages to find. Plus some of the rooms are really beautiful, I kept forgetting to look for the secrets!
@Adrageron the portal is open :blush: and im determined to be victorious lol


Something to do with those lattice chisels:


Thank you! Sorry for delay, was on vacaton with no access to the forum.


You don’t need to dig. All secrets can be found without using any tools (grapples & hammers included) or specific traits like double jump etc.