Selling white goods

Selling white:


To come:


And more :wink:

There’s no portal, you can find the shop stands at refgar right behind GTG global (refgar)

Can’t find it? Use the knowledge tab for the resource
The beacon is called White goods!


How much white grass you got?

3400 i think priced at 3k that the price I got recommended due to its rarity

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If you had a shop standa worth I’d jump on it

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Only if I had lol :laughing: but thanks for your interest sir!

Might come take them later if they are still there

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Sold some of it before I announced it on the forums , not sure how fast/slow it goes

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If your interested still we could do hand trade, saves you a bit of coins.

@ roughly 2.7 Mil a SS i’d like to see you buy a shop stand worth


Soo just to check are you trying to trade a piece for 3,000 coin or or a SS FOR 3,000 coin?

3000 each which I heard is fair?

I would like feedback on the white grass and its value

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I remember back before sovereigns I went around and bought millions of coin worth of “rare grass” most of it is still in my reclaim and most of it is unlocked now and readily available.
I don’t know if white grass will ever be unlocked or available outside of Colour changing exos but I don’t say there are many here that would buy it at that price. Like me! I’m obsessed with all things white and cold berry and I would be crazy enough to spend a pile of coin on white grass but not at 3000 a piece.


Thanks for your feedback @Shadykatt34 I think I’ll reduce the grass to 1999 so it’s 1k less and will let it sit there for a bit , not really in a rush to sell but as long as I do not have a plan for it, it will stay on sale

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Really hard to say as I got no clue about that topic. But white grass is only available on color cycling exos. White foliage maybe too? I just know rare gleams go for few thousand coins and color cycling exos are rare. In addition to that, you need to wait very long for a very very brief moment where the cycle hits white. Of course while the duration of that exo it will be a few times hitting the white but… find the moment!
So I can’t say about the 3K in specific, but I think it’s easily a product in the thousand area

I don’t think I would get any where near grass priced more than 100 coin a piece and even that is high. Just my thoughts on grass

Maybe @BabyCookie knows about rare grass prices

@Ballistic I would find it hard to think people would spend more than 100c pp personally


Well I find white grass rare, now as for gleambows red gleam is 5k a piece and gets sold too, white grass is rarer because you can’t get it like you can get red on gleambow meteors, however I sold some white already yaay! I’ll just leave it there for a bit, aint got no rush :grin:


I’m frequently surprised here - but the number of people saying they have tens, or even a couple saying hundreds, of millions of coins is not small.

The odds that one might spend a million coins for 8 plots of white grass is probably something on the order of someone buying a McLaren.

I would never but, someone might. In the meantime it’s just another treasure on display. I put 1000c on a bunch of gleambow ‘display’ stands at Lantern Gardens and later had to up it to 100k because they kept disappearing. Blocks like sand and trunk.

Aye lol I have almost a SS of gleam sacs that I accepted most of in a trade for 3k each. Except for a few gleampops I never used them and now I’m waiting with a smirk to see what happens this week.

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How can now those sacs be worth more than a thing you can only get within few minutes on a very rare type of exo… mind blowing :exploding_head: makes me really scratch the head what determines prices these days…
Also saw so many people making good business with normal prices and then double the price because the business is too good. What logic is that? You rather sell nothing than have to get back to work filling those stands up? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
:v: I’m outta here