Serious Connection Issues

I am here with lots of pre-loaded information on my problem, so here it is.
Since this morning my Wife, brother, and I have been having the same connection issue, We can connect to the game but when we are in, it spams us with connection unstable every .5 seconds and we are rubber banded constantly. The problem did not exist before today, our usual ping to the US West server is 15-20ms, We are located In Texas.

Here is what I’m Working with,
Windows 10 Pro 64bit
i7-5820k, 6 physical Cores 12 Hyper-threaded
SLI - MSI-GTX-1080’s
32GB DDR 4 Corsair 2600mhz
x2 Samsung Pro Platnium 250gb SSD

Network Verizon Fiber Optics 100Mbps Upload / 100Mbps Download
Local server Ping 4-5ms

Here is what my latency graph looks like when im in game with the connection issues.

Here is what I have tried On my end in this order,
Set the Bandwidth for Chunk Downloading to min > Did not Work

  • Restarted My Client > Did Not Work
  • Restarted Steam And My Client > Did Not Work
  • Restarted My Computer Steam and the Client > Did Not Work
  • Restarted/PowerCycled My Modem/Router, and Computer again, >Did Not Work
  • Re-Downloaded and Reinstalled The Game And Steam > Did Not Work
  • Checked File completion of the client through steam > Full Content
  • Tested Ping and connection on my other installed multiplayer games
  • Eve-online > OK
  • Black Desert online > OK
  • Ark > OK
  • Tested Boundless connections on my other 2 PC’s > Problem exists on both
  • Made a new character on US EAST, and EU Central > Problem exists on all servers

I remained in good contact with Boundless players through discord on my server, None of them are experiencing this connection issue, at the moment.
I would like to state again my game-play and connection have been flawless up until this morning when the problem began.

My guess on this connection issue, based on what I have done and tested, is that the established connection between my network and your game servers in specific is not operational or functioning / very weak at the moment.
That being said I can not do anything else on my end, I can only hope that you can provide a solution on your end for my household, or that the problem resolves in time.
“Under the assumption that server maintenance/restarts take place”

I am new here 3rd Day, and I love your game And would like to continue to play with my friends and family, If there is any additional information I can provide you Please let me know.

Thank you kindly,



I have attached A Video Link, of the rubber banding and latency map, 1 min 25 sec long me walking back and forth, With unstable connection Turned Off.

Can you get a upload a log file %LOCALAPPDATA%\Turbulenz\Boundless\boundless_log.txt from after you’ve exited the game from a session when you have experienced the problem? On exit it writes some profiling information that may show up what is spiking high, it may not be a network if there is a stall in the game.

Did anything else change on your system? E.g. did you update of graphics drivers as Nvidia rolled out a new drivers early this week. If so perhaps try with SLI disabled as a test.

There is this website user put together that shows connections to the server to see if there is an obvious connection issue for you.

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You’re Rick James! You’re my neighbor on Nasharil! I am having the exact same problem in California. I created a post regarding the issue earlier today.

Nice to meet ya!

So Devs… just to let you know. I am having the exact same problem, and we are physically located right next to one another on Nasharil. I’m not sure if that’s coincidence or somehow connected… but I figured it might be important to know.

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If you did update the drivers Nvidia have release a hot fix for stuttering on gsync monitors, although they say when attached to Notebooks but may fix other cases.

If you guys let me know where about on nashril you guys are I can stop by tonight and see my connection on nashril has been solid.

To answer your question in changes in my system, there has been none, no updates in software or hardware.

However, I did update my graphics driver last night after this problem existed in attempts to fix it, the update didn’t change the latency pings though, I am running the most current update.

This morning I did disable and uninstall completely one card, and still no change,
I even disabled Vsync in the game, and Gsync on my global graphics settings, still not change.

One thing that has changed, my average latency this morning dropped down to 143ms, which is still high, and it pings every 20-25 seconds now. (this was before the disabling un-installation of my SLI")

There is something new I noticed this morning upon entering the game in the sanctum, in the top right hand corner theres a long string of red text that flashes only for an instant, the only thing I could see at the beginning is MISSING_PORTAL_#############

The forum does not allow for text uploads it says only pictures, let me know how you would like to receive the .txt log file, its far too large to paste on this post.

Thanks again,

After several attempts logging in and out of the game I finally got a screenshot of that red message upon entering the game

And here is a new latency graph this morning,

I used that users site, and the results make no sense at all, its telling me my best Ping Is in Europe, I live in the United States Texas which is right in the middle,

From everything you’ve shared I would imagine that the issue is somewhere between your local network and our server. Frustratingly this is something that we both have very little control over!

One test you could run is:

  • Open a CMD terminal and run: ping -t

Just leave this running and it will report the time for a ping between you and the game server. If this seems to respond with a fairly constant number then the connection is good.

However, if the time varies dramatically or you have a high frequency of “Request timeout” then it would suggest there is an issue with your route to the game server. You can even leave this running whilst the game is running.

Is there a correlation between a bad ping and the graphs in game?

Additionally: It’s really good to ask people on the forum and discord if they’re also experiencing issues with a particular world or region. Because if it’s only you it’ll suggest a more local issue. If everyone is suffering it might be the server. In this case the server looks fine.

That is doing a test from Europe. It’s reporting the performance from the website to the game servers. Try the test I’ve proposed above.

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The Latency Pings on the Graph directly correlate with the rubber banding I get in the game,
As stated above in the post my neighbor is having the same issue, we are right next to one another in game,
Here is my cmd running while I am in game.

I would expect a ping from Texas to the US-West game servers would be much faster than this, especially on your 100Mbps up and down connection.

You could try contacting your ISP support? But that will likely be a soul sapping experience.

Additionally: From the UK we get similar performance!! Something fishy with your ISP.

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Could you also share the output from here?

I will contact them immediately when they open today,
It is very Odd i had such great ping the first 3 days I miss it!

Here is the output,

These are very poor results. You should expect ~50 ms for all US locations.

(These are the Amazon data centres, ie. the servers running Netflix and thousands of other services!!)

Obviously there is also a chance there is something local to your own network causing these problem. Definitely go reboot your router.

Just tried a reboot again and had my isp do a refresh no improvement, my hardware might be dying.

They rebuilt my network infrastructure,
Reset to factory defaults, still no change in the terrible ping.
They are sending me a new modem/router, so I will let you know if that fixes the issue after installation,

One last question, Is it normal for boundless to have 5 TCP connecitons?

Thank you for the great support,

Boundless will open many connections to the online universe:

  1. There is 1 connection per world for entity information: your current world, and any worlds seen through portals.
  2. There are up to 32 connections for chunk and map downloading from all worlds.
  3. Then there are a range of infrequent connections for requesting friends lists, opening portals, etc.

The game is pretty hardcore!!


I want to try one last thing, If it would be possible?
Could You tell me the TCP/UDP ports that boundless will use through my router?
I was going to forcefully port forward those ports and add them to exceptions in the router firewall in the case that was what was slowing it down.