Seriously considering becoming a Master but have a few questions

What is the differences between a public world, and a nonpublic world? Will we be able to add our own worlds to share with friends? Are public worlds bigger, easier to access, part of the story?

How in dept can I make my public world? Can I add structures? Can I make the entire world a lava pit with an island shaped like an skull if I decided?

Will these perks carry over to the PS4 version when it comes out?

Is there a progression timeline, or a expected full release year?

My basic desire for this is to design a world that will be in a game that will be on a major console. That sounds amazing, as does this game.


There will be 3 kinds of worlds:

Quote from a developer

There is no official confirmation on this (at least afaik) but I´d assume that public- & private- official worlds will have the same properties in regards of size and gameplay elements.

You´ll be able to create your world within the limitations of the world builder tool. So while you are able to define a lot of details on your worlds you´ll probably not be able to pre-generate detailed structures. Those will have to be build ingame by you once the game launches :wink:
Here is a nice thread that shows some of the capabilities of the worlds builder tool.

Here again are some quotes from a developer on this topic:

So your world will definitely be playable by PS4 & PC users.
I´m not sure how to interpret those quotes in relation to the other perks though.

The developers mentioned that they want to hit 1.0 late 2016, but this was stated a while ago so this information might be outdated by now.

The Master backing tier seems to allow you to do that.
Though there hasn´t been much information about the details of the Master backing tier so you should probably bug a developer like @james with a PM here in the forum if you want additional information on this.

I hope this answers most of your questions.


Thank you so much for the informative reply. You’ve been very helpful.


I haven’t played a lot around with picture noice but it repeats doesn’t it?

No, I tried different sized pictures and it looks like all stretch to 4096*4096, regardless what frequency i use in the picture-setting.
This one is a small picture in the middle of a 4k black image, and then offsetted 2048 to get it in the middle of the world.

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A public world basically means one of the worlds that are part of the official game worlds.
A nonpublic world, ie. a private world, is a world you can purchase after launch and then control who has access (similar to renting a server). All the world configs are explained here.

The Master players will be able to contribute to the “Official Public Boundless Servers” - using the language described in the #FAQ post.

The perks are attached to your account, and the account is shared between the PC / PS4 / forums.

We’ve not released a final release date yet. Game still needs lots of work before we’re ready to start targeting a date.

Yes - the Master “public world” will be part of the official game. We’ve not started the process of creating the initial 1.0 launch worlds.

As a few people have commented in the thread options are:

  1. Design an entire world from scratch using the World Builder. (Hard but powerful!)
  2. Use the library of biomes we’re creating for the World Builder to select the features of your world. (Easier)
  3. Simply describe what you’d like in your world and we’ll help you create it with the World Builder. (Easy!)

Hope this help!

Yes all the noise functions wrap - but there are options to achieve what @Heureka shared. (Which is super cool!)

Sounds awesome. I’ll be sure to mess around with the world builder and save up my pennies.