Server Downtime - 10:30 BST


Ah you got us! :smiley:



Is that an op broken or not working broken? I’m relying on Fists atm.


I hope OP broken. already waiting for the server to be up to grind through the high level worlds with my 140% crit dmg fist :smiley:


Since I’m now bored.


I just hope not “not working broken” x)


Will you guys be making a new thread, or post on this one stating when the server is up and running again?


We’ll put a “Release 201” post up when the servers are up, this will have the patch notes transferred from the Testing post previously.


With a addition of missing patch note: “Oh, and now 3x3 hammers break the resources into void, you know, like bombs do” :crazy_face:

Release 201: Quality of Life and Bug Fixes!

That will be added a few hours after the update is released.

Release 201: Quality of Life and Bug Fixes!

Updated OP with… well, an update!


We’ve run into some minor issues which have caused a slight increase in downtime - We’re hoping to be back up in around half an hour (subject to change).


Dude. No joke. I’m sure that will happen.


Ooo, I hope the beacon issue is fixed. :smile: The one where you can’t delete removed beacons off the list. :wink:


Hey, is anyone else noticing a bug with this thread? Or is it just me?

^ In the picture, the Thread has the upside down Pin thing. I click it and it says it’s pinned now. But as soon as I go into another thread and pop back out, It’s unpinned once again and back to being upside down. Does that happen to anyone else?

Edit: Did some testing. Going into any other thread, it stays pinned, refreshing, it stays pinned. Clicking on the Thread, then hitting back it stays pinned.

However, when I go into this thread, then at the top of the page click the thread’s title to be sent back to the first post, which I always do to click it again to go back to the threads list, it unpins. And ONLY then does it unpin.

I just checked that, and it was checked. But I unchecked it, saved, and retested it, and it still unpins.

Edit 2: I think I fixed it now, it for some reason wasn’t updating till I closed the site down and reopened it on another new tab. Weird. But it’s now actually staying pinned.


Check if the option at bottom changes this behaviour:



I got it working now, but sadly unlike the CoC post, it doesn’t seem to stay pinned to the top on the Lastest section, which I focus on. So the entire situation was kinda pointless anyways lol



Update is live! Release 201: Quality of Life and Bug Fixes!


All hail our glorious overlord, for they show mercy in allowing us to exist once more!

(And curse them when we all log in and find some kinda major bug that will be exploited for a few hours before being removed.)


fists are so slow now… they do slightly more dmg than before the patch but i can’t confirm if slingbow dmg has also increased. almost died testing the changes on a t5 spitter :frowning:

seems like i have to reroll to slingbow or i can just say f*gg it and go fist tank.


Fists are now growing in my hands :joy: