Server Downtime - 10:30 BST



We’ve run into some minor issues which have caused a slight increase in downtime - We’re hoping to be back up in around half an hour (subject to change).

Hi everyone!

We’ll be taking the servers down at approximately 10:30 BST, in order to put Testing 200: Quality of Life and Bug Fixes! out to the live Universe.

Thanks for your patience!




wait does that include 200.1 hotfixes? cuz those are in the same thread


Yup! All the fixes in that thread will be under the “Release 200” update :slight_smile:


Is there a rough estimate for how long the downtime will be?


A, so in an hour at 5:30am EST time?
B, will this include Keyboard support on Signs for PS4, so I can finally have multiple lines like the PC can?
C, Why must you make us wait and not just kick everyone off and do update it now!?


Oh and D, would timers still run, even during offtime? So something taking an hour to craft will be finished during an hour long maintence? Or do timers just pause and can’t tell howlong servers been off?


We never know exactly, it’s usually safe to assume 1-2 hours, but if something goes wrong during the server update, it could take longer.


A: Yep, roughly an hours time (around 45 minutes now?)
B: Yep, it was put out in a hot fix to the Testing servers so this update will have it too
C: Purely because many players dislike just getting kicked off the servers without warning :slight_smile:
D: As far as I know, the timers would stop as the servers aren’t running (the coders are in a code meeting at the moment so I can’t get them to confirm).


I hope everything runs smoothly for our glorius titan overlords.


Yes! and it’s not during my lunch break!! Whoooo! :smiley:


You couldn’t do it an hour before? When I was not home? I know, you are colluding with my employer, so I’ll work instead of play, bastards :smiley:


fingers crossed for reduced lag / rubber banding and unstable connection error.


Awesome, good job on only a days delay after your upload issues with Sony!

Though the gold tool improvement has come just as I’ve finished creating my first titanium hammers :unamused:


Anyone know the gold DPS?


Higher than it was yesterday :sweat_smile:


Awesome, thanks for the eta!


Hmm…it’s back up but giving a server maintenance warning


Hasn’t gone down yet mate, going down in 20 minutes :slight_smile:


It hasn’t even gone down yet. Still got 21 minutes till it starts.


:weary: Got booted 10 minutes after this thread was started. Assumed it was down for update. :weary: